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For a while we have been searching for the right natural and organic products to hydrate, nourish, detox and protect our skin. Say hello to EmerginC: A naturally formulated, paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free line. Will the products of EmerginC give our skin the results it deserves?

We choose our food carefully, but so far we lack in picking qualitative skincare products. It’s time to invest more into our skincare products and skincare routines (I mean, we are not in our twenties anymore). We were on the hunt to find the right brand that delivers the best results for our skin with an eye on sustainability. Hearsay and reviews introduced us to EmerginC.

You had us at organic!

EmerginC seems to get close to our skin goals and values due to their 100% natural and 70% organic products. They work with top chemists and state-of-the-art labs to incorporate clinically-proven cosmeceutical and medical-grade ingredients in their formulas. They source their ingredients ethically and sustainably wherever possible with a strong focus on natural and organic ingredients while never compromising on their commitment to quality and effectiveness.⁠ We are convinced!

EmerginC Travel Kit!

We’re ready to start our skin health journey! We’ve received the Scientific Organics travel kit from EmerginC to get to know the products and to try it out and see if it fits our skins. Best of all, we can bring the EmerginC favourites on our holidays!

What is inside the travel kit?

60 ml Kombucha Cleanser⁠
60 ml Spirulina Toner⁠
1.25 ml Peel Pads x 3⁠
7.5 ml Eyelight Cream⁠
15 ml Phytocell Cream ⁠
3 ml Phytocell Detox Masks x 2⁠

Sarah: “I have a sensitive skin and some age spots. My all-time favourite so far of EmerginC is the Kombucha cleanser. The gentle aloe-base cleanser for all skin types is perfect for my sensitive skin. And the smell is amazing! 

No filter!

I would like to work on the following:
1. Redness
2. Pigmentation
3. Anti-aging
I have a sensative and dry skin, some pigmentation and defintely some wrinkles here and there. After applying skincare products I often have visible reactions such as redness. So in the next few months I would like to work on moisturising, hydrating and calming my skin.

Elke: “I’ve noticed some dark spots on my face during and after my pregnancy. The marks should fade after delivery, but I hope that the vitamin C of EmerginC will help to reduce the effects of sun damage, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skincare routine

A healthy skin takes time and commitment. Cleansing your skin is super important, to get rid of all the dirt, like make-up. This is why it should always be the first step in your morning and evening routine.
What to do and when?

source: Instagram

Which ingredients are good and bad for your skin?

There are a lot of skincare brands that sell natural and organic products. But are all organic ingredients good for your skin? We already know that we should avoid parfumes, parabens and other chemicals in products, but there’s more that we should check out before buying. These ingredients shouldn’t be in your skincare products: Alcohol, Almond extract, Balm mint oil, Basil, Grapefruit, Lavender oil, Lemon, Papaya. (source). So which ingredients are good for your skin? To name a few: Aloe vera, Jojoba oil, Pomegranate, Acai oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Goji Berry. Find the full list here.

So what will you find in EmerginC?

EmerginC scientific organics is an active, naturally formulated, paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free, result-oriented face and body line with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients in every item. Active ingredients include a wide variety of antioxidant-rich plant extracts, cutting-edge peptides, grape stem cells, natural fruit acids, spirulina, kombucha, goji berry, white and green teas, food-grade seaweed, aloe, pine bark extract, asthaxanthin, vitamins, proprietary hydrating and brightening complexes, and more.

No filter!

There’s no planet B!

Every time you shop emerginC, you’re helping to make a difference. How great is that, you will not only give your skin what it deserves, you are also giving something back to nature. So let’s plant a tree a three! In partnership with Plant-It 2020, EmerginC plant a viable, indigenous tree for every retail-size product they sell 🌳. They have already planted over 1,000,000 trees and they’re not stopping here!

We will try out these products the next few months to see what it does for our skin. The result will of course be shared in another blogpost soon.


Sarah & Elke

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