It may be the perfect time to take a few days off. If you feel like getting out of the house and visit a safe environment, then keep on reading, because Zwier is the place for you!

Zwier remains open during these strange times and that’s good news! Of course special precautions will be taken so it’s safe. Firstly, all their accommodations have more than enough distance between them and there will be some new house rules to keep all guests safe. Secondly, now it’s more important than ever to relax, be grounded and be offline for a few days.

From City life into Glamping life

Within 15 minutes by car, you find yourself at The Vinkeveense Plassen. A lake area with flora and fauna that feels miles away from busy Amsterdam, or any city for that matter. Zwier is located in the middle of this, and situated next to a tiny harbour with boats and canoes. Until one year ago, Zwier was a normal camping, with caravans and places to set up your tent. It’s a family business that has recently been passed on to the latest generation, and they decided to focus more on glamping, sustainability, and offer people from around the busy cities a place to totally relax. 

After a short drive from Amsterdam, and you’ll find yourself in pure serenity

Glamping at Zwier
The comfort of glamping

Coming home, from home

At Zwier you can stay in beautiful Bell Tents that are equipped with a small fridge, comfy boxspring beds, a small table and chairs. It feels like coming home, from home. At the same time, you can also book your stay on a large boathouse or tiny island hut next to the water. The utilities are extremely luxury for a camping. Rain-shower, check. Clean toilets, (that include unlimited toilet rolls!) check. Each tent has enough space, and a feeling of privacy. I noticed that most people staying at Zwier, are aged between 25 and 40 years old, some bring their kids, and live in cities nearby, and have a busy profession. Burn outs, are most common between the age of 30 and 45, so it’s extremely important to give your head some space now and then. The bell tents are available from €229,- for a whole wknd (Fri-Sun) and include 2 boxspring beds, breakfast, yoga and free use of sup-boards and canoes.

At Zwier you can leave your mobile phone in a social box so you can really go offline for a few days

Zwier Bell Tent

Zwier Amsterdam

Healthy & Fresh

Breakfast is served in a glass house between 8 and 11am that includes fresh bread, croissants, homemade smoothies & granola, fresh orange juice and unlimited coffee & tea It’s also the community kitchen to prepare your dinner that you can pre-order at the Zwier reception, or you buy in your local supermarket. Veggies and herbs grow in the Zwier garden, and guests are welcomed to pick some fresh salad and cucumbers. At the reception, you can buy organic ice-cream, beers, crisp and organic lemonade.

Fresh herbs & veggies from the garden

Breakfast in the glass community kitchen

Zwier Breakfast

So what do you do at Zwier?

Mainly; relax! I saw people reading books, sunbath, girlfriends chatting away, take a plunge in the Zwier natural pool, or take a yoga class (Yoga classes are currently suspended) At Zwier you can do anything that feels good. Nothing has to be done, but the options are there. You can take a sub-board or canoe for free and explore the Vinkeveense plassen. You can also rent a boat, which is great to get around safely for €99,- per day, or €35,- per hour. If you arrive at Zwier by car, you have the option to explore a bit further, but we loved staying in and around Zwier for the 2 days that we were there. I felt no rush to explore, just being there in the moment.

Where would you stay, tent, or boat?

Around Zwier

If you feel like eating somewhere else, other than Zwier, you can visit the Coffee house “De Goede Morgen” which is just 10 a minute walk away and such an amazing hidden spot. They serve breakfast and lunch until 4pm, so it’s great for a morning stroll. If you continue walking for a little longer, you’ll get to beach club Eiland 1 (which is under construction until summer) where you can order a more lavish lunch (and some wine). If you come with kids, this area is also nice because of the man-made beaches, that allows shallow swimming. I must say, the water near the beaches, aren’t very clean, so be sure to shower your children after they’e been swimming.

Vinkeveense plassen
So quiet and peaceful

Goede mOrgen Café, Zwier
Coffee house, De Goede Morgen

24 Hours Without

Zwier also has some nice activities planned such as 24 Hours Without. Here you are challenged to stay at Zwier’s Island Cabin, which is not located on the camping, without Wifi, mobile phone or tablet. With a basket full of organic goodies, a good book and your thoughts, you can opt for the 24hours or the 48 hours challenge. Would you dare? 24 Hours Without is available from €206,- and includes a made up boxspring bed, transportation to – and from the island, a food basket and a small kitchen.

Waking up at Zwier

Zwier may be one of my biggest must-do-tips to date

When it was time to check out on Sunday (check out is a 4pm if you stay the weekend), it felt like the end of a holiday. I couldn’t believe I was 15 minutes away from the city! At Wander-Lust we give many tips, but this must be one of my best ones yet. So no matter who you decide to come with; your girlfriends, your partner, your colleagues or alone, Zwier will re-charge your batteries. 100%.

Winkeldijk 20A, Vinkeveen



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