If you have kids and you’re looking for an awesome day out, we have a weekend trip your child(ren) will love! This theme park has been voted the best in Europa, eight times! We checked out Germany’s Europa-Park in Rust, Germany.


Europa-Park is located next to the amazing Black Forest in Germany near the border of Switzerland and France. The first thing you see when you enter the parking lot is the massive Silver Star Rollercoaster. You can hear people scream and see hands up in the sky as they feel the 4G that pushes their bodies into their seats. This will give you a thrilling feeling from the first moment you entered the park and it’s a feeling that won’t leave you for the rest of the day.

Silver Star Rollercoaster, Europa-Park

Europa-Park is, as the name suggests, divided into the different countries of Europe. Lots of people walk through the park country by country. From Germany, to Italy, Greece, Holland or France and many more! But the best inside tip we’ll give you; visit your most wanted attraction first. In the morning the waiting times are not as long as in the afternoon. It also helps to download the Europa-Park app (more info and the end of this article), you can see exactly what the waiting times at the various attractions are and how long it will take you to get there.

Winter in Europa-Park
Winter in Europa-Park

Wander-Lust in Europa-Park
Miriba and her children walk though Europa-Park

It took 9 months to build this ride and more than a thousand people worked on the project.

The Rides

At Europa-Park there are enough rides to keep you going for a whole weekend but one of the first rides we tried was  “Voletarium“. It’s located near the entrance and is officially the biggest flying theater in Europe. TIP: If you can’t make it first thing in the morning, it is possible to get a so called “time-ticket“ which gives you a time slot to which you can come back have almost no waiting time.

Voletarium is the most expensive attraction in the park and we already got a taste of that while waiting. The hallways are magnificently decorated and waiting doesn’t take long with a time-ticket. When you take your seat in front of the 425 m² screen, you see a short film shot from a bird’s-eye perspective and because the seats are moving and the screen is so close you really have the feeling you’re flying! You’ll fly over some of the most famous landmarks, snowy mountains, and flower fields that are complemented with real scents!

Volitarium Europa-Park

Europa-Park for younger kids

One of the first attractions you must run to is “Arthur“, a ride which is not only great for kids but also for their parents. The waiting area has a cafe1, shop, and playground for very small kids. There is great locker system so you don’t have to worry about your belongings while enjoying the fun. You fly over the Minimoys world that is related to the movie “Arthur and the Minimoys“.

Most fun things for smaller children are to be found in the area’s Holland and Ireland, but we advise you to just walk around, use the app or map. 

Arthur at Europa-Park

Frau Holle. Europa-Park
The fairytales by Brothers Grimm

Water fun

A lot of rides have water involved and are great fun if it’s hot, such a the Tiroler Wildwasserbahn, Fjort Rafting or the Altantica Supersplash. All three rides are worth waiting but you can get really wet. Therefore it is always useful to bring some towels (or even a rain jacket believe it or not). Not everything in the park is fast and bumpy, there are also a lot of spots that are magical and calm such as the fairytale forest. There are even some countries that have attractions especially designed for smaller kids such as the bumper cars in Holland or almost every ride in Ireland that includes a nice playground with big slides. Our son of 5 loved the Pirates of Batavia, a fun boat-ride with an impressive decor.

wildwasserbahn Europa-Park

Batavia, Europa Park
Pirates of Batavia, which you can find in Holland

Unlike many other attraction parks it’s also allowed to bring your own food & drink

Food & Drink

For lunch you can stop at one of the various eating spots the park has on offer. A lot of  the countries offer country specific food such as poffertjes in Holland or a crusty pizza in Italy. Unlike many other attraction parks it’s also allowed to bring your own food & drinks. Therefore you’ll find a lot of picnic spots around the park to enjoy your lunch. If you want to give your feet some rest, you can opt for one of the various theater shows they offer in the park. We went to Spanish Arena, a theatrical show with horses, acrobatics and even some magic. There are many more shows on offer, so pick them wisely. 

Top 5 tips for a fun day at Europa-park:

  1. Go to your favorite attraction or ride as soon as you enter
  2. Download the Europa-Park App and prepare for your visit
  3. Pay your parking ticket right at the beginning (there are machines in the entrance area) so you don’t have to queue when you leave.
  4. If you can, visit the park for 2 days total. If you only have one day, you will miss out on the nice little playgrounds, smaller attractions and wonderful shows. You can stay in one of the park hotels
  5. During summer, bring some towels and dry clothes for the kids. There are also some lovely water playgrounds around the park. If you come around Christmas time, the park is decorated to the max!

We had an amazing day and it won’t be the last time that we visited Europa-Park!

Europa-Park-Straße 2, Germany
Open daily from 9am till 6pm

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