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A few months ago LOXUP sent us a lock expert who told us exactly how secure our home was and what we could do in order keep burglars out. Well, our home had an entire security make-over and I am now able to give you some tips!

If you are a frequent traveller like us, you want to leave your home feeling safe and secure about it. Unfortunately, burglaries have gone up in the last number of years, even during the pandemic. Here are 5 tips so you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry about your home’s security.

1 Get yourself a Dead Bolt Lock

This is one of the best tips the lock expert gave us. When burglars see this lock, they will most likely skip your house and go on to the next. This lock is called a “Anti-kerntrek slot” in Dutch and is one of the best investments to secure your house. Without this special lock, burglars only need a simple screwdriver, hammer and about 30 seconds to enter your house. With a good dead-bolt lock it’s almost impossible to break the lock, without making a lot of noise. 

Kitchen door lock
A clever dead bolt lock will scare intruders away

2. Security Claw + 3 pointer lock

A security claw is a mechanism to secure outward opening windows and doors against unwanted visitors. In addition, most modern style doors are build with a three pointer lock for extra safety. My own door was an original from the 30’s and therefore I decided to replace the entire lock system with these two options. It was done without one hour! 

3. Secure your kitchen window

Even the smallest windows are an opportunity for bulgars. Believe it or not, but they will go as far as letting (their own) children to sneak through the tiniest windows and open the door for them. To secure this, simply place a steel frame on the inside of the window, making it impossible to sneak through. Furthermore, you can also keep this window open when it’s hot during summer.

Kitchen window lock

4. Get yourself a dog

It’s not the main reason to get a dog, but if you were thinking about it anyhow, this is an extra bonus. Animals feel when danger is around the corner and will most likely warn you if an intruder came along. Also, it scares a lot of burglars so they will most likely pick a house without a dog.

5. Don’t forget to lock your windows

It seems like this isn’t rocket science but many times we tend to forget to lock our windows in comparison to doors. That being said, it’s important you have the right locks to do it well. For example, you can get yourself a window lock that has a key in it. 

6. Light up your landscape

It’s no big surprise but light up your house and front porch or garden and unwanted visitors will think twice about entering your house. However, extra costs such as electricity apply, so we were advised to always invest in a more durable security such as good locks. Instead you could also use motion lights, which uses much less electricity. Make sure it doesn’t set off by the occasional cat walking past. If you’re on holiday you can also get a timer on a few lights in your house so people think you are home. Mind you, professional burglars will probably know this. 

7. Never leave housekeys in your door

As a first class security dummie, I used to do this, a lot. Locking the front door and leaving my housekeys on the inside, thinking people would have a harder time to get in. In fact, you are basically handing over your housekeys. All they need to do is to smash a window and let themselves in. 

keys in door

As shown above, there are many ways to secure your home and it’s definitely worth your investment. All in all, I had a few security measures done to my home, arranged by LOXUP. I decided to replace all the door locks with a dead bolt lock, a three point lock and security claws. In addition I also added a steel frame in front of my kitchen window. 

Safe travels!



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