Falafel galore at hotspot Bar Kaufmann

If you’re a vegetarian you’re going to be very happy with this hotspot but wait, who am I kidding? Even if you’re not, you’re going to love love love this place! A little hidden in a side street in Amsterdam West, Bar Kaufmann is great for food lovers all over Amsterdam.

The name might confuse you a little bit at first because it doesn’t really sounds like a restaurant that serves falafel but it’s actually the last name of owner Saskia Kaufmann. She decided to collaborate with Iranian chef Azar that she met during her time at food concept Van Ver. She was tipped by a friend to start a falafel bar and Miss Kaufmann listened. 

On the Menu
Falafel! Of course, but many many options! Sarah and I tried the original falafel in a pita because we were really hungry. Sarah chose the Pita Falafel with Feta cheese while I picked the Pita Falafel with spicy green peppers and pickles. Both pita’s have a lovely tasting Tzatziki inside and the pita itself was so crunchy! You can order a side order of tasty fries or go for the healthy option and order the sweet potato fries.

Pita Falafel at Bar Kaufmann
Our Pita’s Falafel at Bar Kaufmann

If a full on pita falafel is a bit too much, Bar Kaufmann also has 2 great falafel salads on the menu. We also really love the interior, it’s cozy, trendy and has some interesting art on the walls. (check it for yourself) Besides the food, they have a wide selection of beers to choose from and during the weekend they open until 3am so this calls for an invite! 




Bar Kaufmann
Reinier Claeszenstraat 4B H, Amsterdam

Tel 020-8461606 / Website
*Header photo source: Facebook Bar Kaufmann

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