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If you’ve never been to a surf camp before, Do you prefer a holiday closer to home? We can highly recommend you to try this Family surf camp in Ameland!

What is Ripstar?

One organization that has been around for years is Ripstar. Besides their ski & snowboard trips, they also host surf camps in the South of France and the coast of Portugal. This is the first time that Ripstar brought their iconic camp to Ameland and we decided to take a look!

Ripstar camp

Ripstar Surf & Family

This brilliant family package on Ameland is perfect for families with children aged from 5 to 16 years old. If you want to learn basic surfing skills, the Dutch island of Ameland is the perfect place to do that. The camp itself is nicely decorated and fully equipped. Every day you are welcome all day in the surf bar, where they serve coffee, cold drinks, and snacks. Furthermore, the camp has a spacious surf tent with all surf equipment and a play tent with all kinds of sports and games such as table tennis and longboards. And there are a lot of cozy places where you can relax after a long day at the beach. The plumbing is self-sufficient with solar water heaters and solar panels.

Hammoch ripstar surfcam Ameland


No airbeds or uncomfortable tents here! At Ripstar you sleep in luxury safari tents equipped with real beds and mattresses. Surrounded by nature, the surf camps are always located near the beach or forest. At Ameland, this was no exception. From our tent, it was about a 15-minute walk to the beach where you pass a little pine forest.

Walk to the beach Ameland

When you book, you can decide whether you want to go for half pension meaning that you have 5 dinner meals and fresh breakfast each morning of the week. No food will be served two days a week so you can explore the island’s culinary options. If you like your privacy, you can even decide to eat your dinner in your tent where there is a table and 4 chairs. Due to Corona (yes, we do have to keep mentioning this little bugger), every tent has its plates and cutlery that you wash. You are called by tent number to pick up your food so the buffet won’t be too crowded.

breakfast at Ripstar Ameland


Let’s talk about the main reason why we went in the first place, surfing! In all fairness, this was my third surf camp but the only thing I could do so far is stand up on my surfboard. Thanks to our teacher Tim, I gained some new information and managed to improve my posture and skills that I can hopefully put to the test back home.

Surfing Ameland


The island of Ameland isn’t like the Algarve or the South of France, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun! It is the perfect place to learn without being thrown into the sea over and over again.

Besides that, the beaches are wide and long stretched, surrounded by dunes. Once you arrive on the island by ferry from Holwerd you can rent a bicycle that will be arranged by Ripstar. Your luggage will be dropped off at the camp while you cycle from the ferry to the camp in only twelve minutes or so.

Surfing Ameland

Although Ameland isn’t a car-free island, having a bicycle is super handy and the perfect way to discover the small roads in between the green hills. One route you can take is to Hollum which takes you all the way to the lighthouse and one of the best beach bars on the island; Beachclub the Sunset. It looks like it could be a beach club in Ibiza, yet it’s filled with people from all walks of life, young and older, and families. Another nice beach bar is Sjoerd, located in between Nes and Buren, which is only a 15-minute cycle from the Ripstar surf camp. 

Beachbar the Sunset Ameland
Beachclub The Sunset

Book your surf camp or snow trip with Ripstar here and check all the different options and who knows we see you throwing up a shaka in the future! 



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