These website will make you feel like a local, anywhere in the world!

Wander-Lust is all for getting the local experience whilst traveling. We are happy to say that more and more companies are seeing the advantage of this and play into the needs of travelers. There are a few new (and older) companies out there that are focusing on the local experience and we would love to share them with you!

1. Yays Amsterdam
This company offers travelers to stay in their beautiful boutique apartments just outside the city center of Amsterdam. This way you can really experience Amsterdam like a true local! All apartments are settled in old historic buildings in exiting areas throughout the city. And when we say apartments, we mean apartments! There’s a fully equipped kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and of course a lovely bedroom. This way you can feel really at home. Every property has it’s own neighborhood concierge who knows the area inside out so you have first hand tips about where you should go during the day and night. At the moment Yays is only operating in Amsterdam but rest assured they will grow rapidly and extend. You can find Yays apartments at the Bickersgracht, Oostenburgergracht en Zoutkeetsgracht.

feeling like a local at Yays
Sarah and I at Yays Zoutkeetsgracht

The most authentic experiences are not in guides, but in people

Local Amsterdam art by ICI & SOT
Discovering Street Art in Amsterdam with trip4real.

3. BlaBla Car
They’ve been around for a while but their app has improved a lot since then. Carpooling done clever. 
Available world widely now, you can hitch a ride with a stranger who has an empty seat available. You pay half the gas tank from where you get in until you get off and you get a cheap ride to..where ever! The app is available on IOS & Android. Check BlaBlaCar.

4. With Locals
This is a company that truly connects locals to visitors and the other way around. Just select the country where you’re going to be and pick a local that will take you for a walk in the jungle, enjoy a home cooked Thai meal or learn about the famous landmarks of Italy. Their mission is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences. You can sign up as a host or traveler and book an experience at a fair price. Good for you and for the local community! It’s widely available in 13 countries (including The Netherlands) and covers most of south east Asia. I will check it out when I’m in the Philippines this year!

Clear messages!

5. Nightswapping
We have written about this great concept before. Nightswapping is like Airbnb but here you trade/exchange nights instead of paying for it.
How does it work?

Let us know what your true local experience was!



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