Leonardo Dicaprio is the executive producer of this revealing documentary and he didn’t just do this to make some extra cash.
The man is very passionate about the environment and helps where he can. A man to my heart. (and eh.. I loved Titanic!)
But the main reason for him to financially back this documentary is, because he wants to raise awareness for a major problem that most of us don’t realize; Animal Agriculture
Animal what? Exactly. That’s what I thought.
I don’t want to scare you but did you know that only 15{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of greenhouse gas emissions are due to transport. (cars, rail, planes, boats)
You’ll be shocked if I told you that 51{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of emissions are due to livestock and their byproducts.


1-2 acres Rainforrest are being cut down every minute to make room for animal agriculture. Just so that the animals can feed so we, humans, can enjoy that steak or burger.
It’s it’s also crazy to think that about a quarter of the world is starving while 45{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of the worlds land is used to feed the animals!

“Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet.”

If we all make a change in our diet, it will help more than driving an electric car..

What we seem to forget is, that back in the days we didn’t live on the planet with  7,2 billion people.

I have been a non meat eater since I was 13 years old (I say non meat, because I eat fish). I knew that it was better for the environment to eat less meat but I didn’t realize that the impact was so large. Animal products like milk, cheese and eggs are also a reason for the devastating results and this is something I didn’t know.
Of course, we can look back in time and say; ‘Back in the the year 1900 everybody was eating meat, it’s only natural.’ But what we seem to forget is, that back in the days we weren’t living on the planet with the 7,2 billion people as we are now. We are with so many of us and the number is still growing. How many more trees need to be cut, how many species need to die and how many oceans need to be empty? We need to change.

So what can we do?
If you are a regular meat eater, it’s not a bad idea to have a meatless day or two. The same applies to fish.
Yes, it’s not easy to change our natural habits, but as a vegetarian, I know how many nice things you can eat without having to use meat or fish.
Check this website for amazing vegetarian and vegan blogs or recipes. You can also join the 30 day Vegan Challenge.

I recently started to eat a vegan diet. I am finishing the last milk and eggs in my refrigerator and I need to have a last meal of sushi. (This is also hard for me!)
But I will not buy animal products anymore.
Why? Because I love this planet. And I really really don’t want to give it up.

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One of my first vegan meals, while writing this article at restaurant Golden Temple.


Watch Cowspiracy and decide on your own. After all, it’s also your planet.
Click here for the trailer.



» To read more about Cowspiracy go to their website. The movie is now available on Netflix.
» To see my 5 reasons to love the world, check here.

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