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Auctions. It was something that I had only seen on TV, where people would buy antiques and art, something I had never experience before. But why not? There are many treasures to hunt for, or maybe even sell. When I travel, I buy special items and I bargain for it. So why wouldn’t I do this online? I decided to explore and test Catawiki, one of the largest and fastest growing online auction platforms in Europe.


Do you have a special piece of art from Bali?

How to use Catawiki
If you go to, you’ll immediately see several items that have joined the auction platform and are available for sale. You can either sell or buy. Do you have a special piece of art from Bali? Or an item that has been in the family for decades? Catawiki has many in-house experts that review your items and advise a decent price to offer your lot. Add a clear description, good quality photographs that include numbers, codes or other details. If your lot has a value of more than €200, you can add a reserve price to it. If your lot does not reach this price at auction, it will not be sold. What’s in it for Catawiki? Well, they ask for a 12,5% of the winning bid, (excluding VAT). A small fee to pay if you sell your vintage watch for thousands of Euro’s! This video explains:

Pretty sad for the jacket that I knew deserved better.

My Selling Experience on Catawiki
I’ve had this one Levi’s Vintage Jacket for ages. It was just hanging in my closet. Pretty sad for the jacket that I knew deserved better. I had tried to sell it at Marktplaats, E-Bay and United Waredrobe, but people wouldn’t offer more than 50 euro’s for it, even though this jacket was worth well over a 100 Euro. This is when someone told me about Catawiki. A platform full of one of a kind items from all over the world. Here you can find jewellery, art, books, vintage fashion items & accessories, and much more.

Catawiki levis
My Levi’s Vintage jacket on Catawiki

Snap Snap, got a vintage camera? Sell it!

Each day, new “lots” are offered and go up for auction for about 5 days. I offered my lot for 135 euro with an estimate value of 300 euro. Within 5 days, I received several bids, and it was eventually sold at 135! Afterwards you need to wait for the buyer to transfer the money, and you are ready to send you item. Shipping cost will be paid by the buyer and you can ship from anywhere in the world.

So are you ready to put your auction face on? Or perhaps you are looking for that vintage Chanel bag? Don’t be hesitant, take the leap! It’s a whole new treasure world out there.



*This article was written in collaboration with Catawiki. At Wander-Lust we only collaborate with brands and organisations that we believe in and offer a good product, so we can tip it to you, our readers in an honest way.

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