February 23, 2018 Wander-lust

From Amsterdam to London in just 3 hours. (by train!)

A few days ago the new Eurostar train arrived at Amsterdam Central station, where it continued it’s way to London in just 3,5 hours.

The train was filled with VIP’s for now, as the train made it’s first ever trip to London and back. You need to wait just a little while (until April  to be exact) until you can board the new Eurostar and spend your weekends shopping at the British capital.

The train speeds up to 300kmh and will eventually take around 3,5 hours to get from Amsterdam to London. At the moment there is an extra stop in Brussels where you need to get your passports checked, and this takes around 1 hour extra. They are planning to change these international agreements soon, but apparently this takes a little longer than expected.

The comfort of train travel

Tickets are already made available to buy, and are as cheap as €40,- for a single fare. Book early if you want to catch this cheap fare though. Sure, taking the plane is faster, but not so great for the environment, and if you have a fear of flying (like I do!), this is such a great option!

See you in London baby!



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