Going to London? Get our personal London Guidebook!

We have teamed up with Favoroute and created a London guidebook for your phone. How cool! Favoroute is a website that enhances your travel experience by getting different travel designers (journalist, bloggers and locals) to write guidebooks.
You can find city guidebooks (like ours), different countries and other inside travel tips. They’ve selected some of their online guidebooks and made them available in the app store and ours is available now!

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A sneak preview of our London Guidebook

So why did we write about London?
Well, Elke has lived there for 7 years and Sarah has been on lot’s of press trips over there. London is ever changing and it’s hard to keep up with the latest trendy hotspots but I think we managed pretty well! 
In our guidebook we will show you how to experience London like a true local. Yes, try and steer away from the usual tourist attractions in London because you won’t find anything about Buckingham Palace in our guidebook!

Trendy East London

Instead we show you London in 3 days by guiding you through hip and trendy East-London on day 1 where you will find amazing shops, food markets and local goods. Day 2 is all about shopping and clubbing (because that’s something you should experience in London) We highlight some of the best clubs and restaurants, including my all time favorite Asian spot in town! On day 3 we take it a bit easier and relax by taking you to the best high tea spots and healthy joints.We tip the most trendy hotels with great value and close to the all the best attractions. Our guide is available to buy on iTunes for $3,99 and will be available on android in April.

 London Guidebook
The Roof Gardens founded by Richard Brandson

So if you’re heading over to London, get our guidebook here and let us know what you think!

*We will update our guidebook from time to time if needed.



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