Greece re-opening after Corona

If you miss travelling as much as we do, you may be happy to hear that some destinations in Europe are re-opening. One of our favourite destinations is Greece

The Greek islands, the greek food, the people, on a whole, we miss Greece. Thankfully, the country wasn’t struck as badly with the Covid-19 virus, but all things considered, it is important that you know a few things before heading to Greece. Below we have listed the most important facts, that have been shared by the Visit Greece tourism board. 

What is re-opening in Greece?

  • May 25: yachts and sailing boats are allowed to sail to the islands again.
  • May 31: end of 14-day home quarantine for foreign tourists coming to Greece.
  • June 1: hotels (which are normally open all year), campsites and restaurants reopen.
  • June 15: seasonal accommodations and museums open.
  • International flights from a number of countries to El. Venizelos airport / Athens allowed.
  • Internal flights are possible with Aegean Airlines (1st phase).
  • July 1: International flights from a number of countries to all local airports allowed (2nd phase).
  • July 15: International flights from all countries allowed (3rd phase).


Greece is re-opening

List of countries that may re-enter Greece

The Greek government will publish a list at the end of May. This list shows which countries can re-enter Greece in which of the three phases mentioned above. Taking into account that the Netherlands will cancel code orange after the 15th of June. Keep a close eye on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for updates. Currently, these are the countries that will be allowed to visit Greece when they re-open in June: Cyprus, Israel, Germany, China, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway. The list is expected to be extended over the next few weeks.

Various measures are being taken to ensure the safety of all people. Foreign tourists do not have to take a test, but samples are taken in busy tourist areas. In addition, a doctor and coordinator will be appointed for each accommodation. Special quarantine areas will also be selected per region. In addition, if needed, a Greek transfer to a health post is available for travellers. 

In either case, this is good news for Greece and those who love to explore this amazing country. 



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