Food boxes, it’s one of those food trends we love and one that seems to expand. Even after many years, new ventures come up with monthly food boxes that make your cooking life a lot easier.

We’ve selected 6 amazing food boxes, which we think are good, healthy, and nutritious. All tried and tested!

Plant B

Why we love it: They offer fully plant-based meals, meaning it’s better for the environment.

What separates this food box from others, is that they deliver your meals frozen. This way you can save them in your freezer for up to 6 months and ingredients will stay fresh. Perfect for a time when you come home late from your travels, and the supermarkets are closed. Just add them into the oven (our preference) or microwave. We must admit that we may have been a bit skeptical about Plant B when we saw the frozen meals, but once heated, all meals looked and tasted pretty amazing! For €45,- you will receive 6 meals, which are portions that you could possibly share into 2 meals if you’re not a big eater. Plant B also offers XL sizes so you can share them with your family.

Mind you, the meals we tried had a reasonable spice to them, so check the level of spice if you share your meal with kids. For example, meals options include a Rainbow Bowl, Indian Pumpkin Curry (kid friendly), Chilly Con Amor, A Mean Tagine or the Italian Stallion. All in all, a wonderful and healthy food box, that will earn you some karma points. If you use code WANDERLUST10, you will receive 10% discount on your first order!

Plant B, best food boxes

Marleen Kookt

Why we love it: It feels like you’re enjoying a home-cooked meal!

She’s been making home-cooked dinner for years now and because she is still around only proves to us that the food is delish! The meals are very healthy because Marleen uses little fat, sugars, and seasonings. In addition, all dishes are freshly prepared, so there is no question of adding preservatives. Order online, where you can see the weekly menu, and a happy person will bring it right to your doorstep with an electric bike. She works with oven trays which you can return on your next order.


Why we love it: Easy, many options for every situation.

In all honesty, Hellofresh is the original food box that started a whole new way for people to create meals at home. That being said, they’ve made a few transitions – now offering even more options. Vegetarian, fish or meat and healthy food boxes – for each day of the week. They work with a monthly subscription, that you can pauze, stop or switch anytime. We use Hellofresh because their menu is ever changing, plus you can now tell them what your preferences are, if you have kids, or if you are following a healthy path. We can say they have never failed in staying on top of the game. Check them here.

Hellofresh - healthy food box

Hellofresh Menu foodbox

De Krat

Why we love it: It feels fresh and local

This food box contender is doing very well in similar lists, so we needed to put it to the test. Compared to the others, De Krat delivers their ingredients in a wooden box. Inside you’ll find fresh vegetables, and local products. This food box allows you to prepare your nutritious meals without having to think about it. Every week, the menu changes and you can pick between veggie or mixed (fish, meat and veggie). We opted for vegetarian and enjoyed a creamy pasta, veggie kebab with a homemade sauce, and potatoes with a vegetarian stew with gravy and veggies. All in all, we enjoyed it a lot and our families did too (even the kids!) We understand why this food box has been around in the Netherlands for such a long time.

De Krat, food box Netherlands

Oh My Guts

Why we love it: Nutritious, healthy, and a lot of meal choices

We tried their food box last year and loved it! Whether you are vegan, pescatarian or you like some chicken now and then, you can go either way. On their website, you can check the weekly menu which varies in salads, bowls, lunch, breakfast, or even snacks. There is no need to buy a monthly subscription, as long as you order meals over €25,-. Every meal is based on +/- 400 grams and the larger portions are +/- 500 grams, but we felt that they were not always big enough to share (if your partner is a big eater). If you want, you can freeze most meals, but with salads, this is not advised. Meals are delivered fresh and ready to be heated in the pan, oven, or microwave. All the plastic and packing materials are biodegradable or recyclable.

Oh my Guts food box

Eko Menu

Why we love it: In your personal profile, you can keep track of your vitality, carbon footprint etc. 100% organic.

Officially, voted as the healthiest food box in the Netherlands. Besides, they serve 100% organic ingrediënts that you need to prepare at home. Best of all, you can pick and choose for family, vegetarian, and twelve other settings of wishes you may have. Ekomenu is the one to watch because they are growing quickly.

As you can see above, there are at least five healthy food boxes that you can order in the Netherlands. Which one are you going to try?




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