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If you’re looking for a laid back place to eat and enjoy drinks with friends, you should go to Het Huis Van Iemand Anders, which literally translates to The House Of Someone Else. (yes, the crazy Dutch come up with the weirdest names)

It started as an office space for a creative agency, then opted as a bar at night, and since a couple of weeks, you can also enjoy affordable (but tasty) dinners. The location is somewhat special and has 3 floors that all have a different feel to it. For one, there is a proper bar vibe when you first enter, but walk down the stairs and you’ll enter an inside garden area where you can sit down and enjoy dinner. Upstairs you have a living room vibe with lounge chairs that are perfect for relaxing and drink your cocktail(s).

Het Huis van Iemand anders
Het Huis Van Iemand Anders is located on the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam

Garden vibes

The Menu
Every couple of months, the menu will change and now and then a new pop-up kitchen will cook for the customers of Het Huis Van Iemand Anders. At the moment, you can enjoy different Gua Boa Buns for just €5,- each! This popular Taiwanese speciality is great to share with friends because there are plenty of buns to choose from. Peking Duck, pulled chicken, Ebi friend shrimp or beetroot burger buns are all on the menu.

Huis van iemand anders Amsterdam

You can celebrate your birthday here, but have a look at their Facebook Page, because there are plenty events going on. On Kingsnight for example, they will host a party with DJ’s and drinks, and they have hosted Karaoke nights before (including bubble tea), so you’re always in for a night of fun at Het Huis Van Iemand Anders!

Come here for a fun night out, don’t dress up to fancy, and keep an open mind. With these ingredients, you are definitely coming back.

Het Huis Van Iemand Anders
Van Woustraat 2HS, Amsterdam



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