High Tea Drive Thru in Amsterdam!

This coming Sunday May 10th, is MaMa’s favourite day of the year again: Mother’s Day! And for this special day, restaurant Mama Kelly, known for their pink interior, is offering something special this year.

Because restaurants are not allowed to open, they decided to offer celebrate High Tea Drive Thru!

Pink Mama Kelly Amsterdam

High Tea Drive Thru

You can pick up our High Tea by car from the door at Mama Kelly. While you stay in the car, the kitchen prepares this special mother’s Day High Tea for you or your mom. Ordering is possible from Monday May 4th to Saturday May 9th until 4:00 pm. Pick up is only possible on Sunday May 10th from 09:00 to 15:00. In other words, both for the early bird and the late luncher.

Have heard of this quarantine dining experience yet?

How does it work?

Firstly, you can only order online, and to comply with all Corona guidelines, you also pay online. This way you reduce contact.

  • Choose your time of collection.
  • Make your choice. Payment is simple online.
  • Collection is at the door of MaMa Kelly Amsterdam itself on Sunday May 10th. At the first counter you give your order number you received when ordering online. At the second counter, your order is ready, and they will bring your order to the car.
  • Everything is packed is basically ready enjoy! 

Check out the Mama Kelly High Tea menu here.

Curious where to find the best high tea spots in Amsterdam

high tea in Amsterdam






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