How safe is your house?


As a full time travel writer I used to travel abroad at least once every month. During the pandemic we aren’t travelling as much, but something did crossed our minds; how secure is our home when we leave it?

Recently, I moved from Amsterdam to Santpoort, a beautiful village in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, villages in this area are also a target for burglaries. Sometimes, even when you are sleeping! In fact, in 2019 47 houses in Santpoort got broken into. Time to find out how safe our home is! I checked out the new security platform LOXUP and had a professional lock expert come to my house.

Keys in door

An important question to all frequent travellers; how secure is your home?


Recently launched, LOXUP is the platform to go when it comes to securing your home or business. They answer all your questions regarding the security of your home or business and connect you with a professional lock expert in your area. This way you can be sure that you can quickly secure your home. For me it’s important I can leave the house with some peace of mind without having to worry about burglars. Especially because my neighbourhood has been a target in the past.

Safety check by LOXUP
Peter from LockForce giving me free advise

Tailor made advise

Honestly, after the news about burglaries in my area, I got curious about the security of my home. LOXUP has developed an online tool that gives you the answer within one minute! And best of all, you will also receive free tailor-made advice! In addition, LOXUP offers you the possibility to request a security check at home by a lock expert from your region. This is exactly what I did. Just two days after my request, a nearby lock expert from LockForce came to my home.

Lockforce checks, LOXUP

Home Security check
Peter from LockForce giving much needed advise

So, how safe is my house?

It didn’t take Peter from LockForce long to see where my security leaks are. Even though my home has been renovated, the biggest problems were my back doors. With new lock and security techniques, thieves are also getting more knowledge and they can easily spot a house that’s easy accessible. Therefore, it’s important to get the advise from an expert who can tell you exactly what you need.

In my situation, I mainly needed to upgrade and change a few locks on my doors, especially the ones located at the back. For example, multi-point locks are something to invest in. They aren’t too expensive but when a thief spots this lock, they will most likely move on to another house and leave yours alone. Luckily, this can easily be sorted.

Some extra tips to secure your home:

  • Never leave your keys inside of your door when you’ve locked it. This way, thieves can easily break the glass and grab them.
  • Place something in front of your window, like a vase for example. It the window is opened, you will hear it fall.
  • Place a timer on a few lights inside your home. This way, you give the impression that someone is home.
  • Fake security stickers on your windows don’t really work. A thief knows exactly what’s the real deal or not. Invest in a real certificate.

So, how secure is your home?

Find out by contacting LOXUP and ask for security advise but more important, connect you to a professional lock expert in your area. During this challenging time, it’s even more important to feel safe inside your home because we spend so much time in it. Don’t be fooled by burglars, be secure!

Stay Safe,


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