We may be a few months away from taking off on an adventure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge ourselves and bring vacation-like experiences into our homes. One of the best things about going away is having access to things we usually wouldn’t grant ourselves on a daily basis.

But fear not. There’s plenty you can do in your own home to make the mundane feel exciting and fresh once again, just as if you were on vacation. Here’s how to create a the perfect staycation, at home.

The atmosphere should evoke a love nest environment.


Close your eyes: think about checking in at your favourite hotel and the excitement that builds as you walk towards your chambre. When you open the door the room is clean, it’s tidy. The bed is inviting with fresh linen and plump cushions. There’s minimal clutter. So, what can you do within the next 10 minutes to make your bedroom look the best it’s ever been? Change your sheets, light a candle, put jazz on the radio and put away whatever might be on ‘the chair’. Turn the main light off and illuminate your bedroom with lamps. Find out how to turn your bedroom into a hotel!

Staycation, bedroom


Your living area should inspire creativity and calmness at the same time. It’s a room that will provide escapism during your staycation. If you’re getting board of your surroundings, change things up. Swap the pictures around on the walls. Move furniture to maximise the space and provide more ‘zen’. Rearrange your bookshelf and rediscover books that haven’t had your attention in a while. A re-fresh every couple of weeks can do wonders if you’re spending so much time in one space.

Staycation in your home, living space


If you’re working in your kitchen every day, hunched over your laptop on the table, think of the best hotel lobbies you’ve ever walked through. They’re places you want to hang out. Why? Because they have buzz and ambience. Try to recreate this by buying fresh flowers to keep beside you. A living thing to admire daily is good for the soul. Again, get the lighting right. Sit near an open window when you work for natural light, it’ll boost your energy. Make sure you’ve got yourself a cocktail or mocktail to look forward to at 5pm, with the ingredients sitting just in sight to tempt you over at 4.45pm. Check out these amazing restaurants in Amsterdam that offer take-out!

Staycation, kitchen


Lastly, let’s visit the bathroom. AKA the staycation spa. Start off by cleaning everything, washing your towels and de-cluttering. Dig out your favourite bubble bath and body lotion that you were saving for a special occasion, there has never been a more important time to invest in yourself, you are worth it. To create a sanctuary, add a plant to bring a bit of nature inside. Light a match and indulge in the smoky smell, it’ll also clear away any other unwanted odors. Lastly, hang up your cosy dressing gown and pop your slippers underneath for a final touch of luxury.

Staycation at home, Spa bathroom

Happy staycation! Stay stay, relaxed and happy.


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