How to plan the best roadtrip


With the world at odds right now, having something to look forward to is an important task to set. However, with the future unpredictable planning ahead is challenging. That’s why right now is the perfect time to plan and visualise a road trip.

There’s a million possibilities from the moment you step outside to explore somewhere you’ve not been before. Even if your road trip takes place within your home country or if it’s a neighbouring country you might have been to before for long weekends, seek out the places that you’ve never heard of before and plan a route that will take you from city to town to village to the countryside. A road trip is all about the thrill of discovery and the unknown.

Planning a roadtrip

There’s no commitment to booking with this plan, it’s simply anticipating what an adventure you could be having. And with slow travel a humbling inspiration right now, there has never been a better opportunity. Here’s a rundown of the best tips for the best road trip.

1. Pick a continent

You might want to stay native and drive only an hour or two from home within the same country. Or, you may choose to somewhere a little further away that you can get to by train (and hire a car from there). Decide what kind of road trip you want. Are you looking for a coastal adventure where you can park up next to the beach every few hours? Do you see yourself driving through the rolling hills of an idyllic countryside?

2. Choose your road trip buddies wisely

Significantly, two to four people is perfect. Anymore and it could be a tight squeeze in the car and you could end up spending too much time debating about where to go next. Ensure everyone has a clean driving licence and is insured for the vehicle so everyone gets a fair turn of driving. Additionally, it’s advised to set a budget for each day to include accommodation, fuel, food and entertainment. Make sure everyone is comfortable with this figure and don’t go over it.

Girls on road trip

3. Close your eyes and imagine the trip

Firstly, decide what you want to get from the road trip. A sense of adventure, a way to unwind? Research what the country/region/town is famous for and seek out how you can learn more about it. For example, local gin or beer distilleries offer tours for a small fee; stately homes always make for a great visit or and visits to a small, niche museums can be hilarious.

4. Eat locally and support local businesses

There’s nothing better than taking a walk in the morning to buy freshly baked bread and a hoard of croissants from a village bakery. Find coffee shops to delight in traditional goods and stock up on some for the next leg of the journey. Side note: If you live in Amsterdam, these are some of the best restaurants that offer home delivery!

How to plan the best road trip

5. Make a commitment to not spending more than two hours in the car at any one time

You’re on a road trip to explore the unknown which means sticking to the main roads defeats the purpose. If you see an opportunity to detour it will open the world to you even further. You never know what you might see, who you might meet or what you might end up doing. Emphasise exploration and the freedom that a road trip allows for.

6. Don’t look too often at your watch on a road trip

You’re getting away from it all and unwinding, no one wants to stick to a strict schedule while on holiday. “Follow your nose”, as they say. Nowhere and everywhere can be discovered by you. With this in mind, indulge in your sense of adventure.

7. Walking is the best way to spend the days

Stroll through a small town and admiring their pace of life, visit local stores and eat locally too. Alternatively find a path through an old forest or up a hill to get the best views of the land. This will thrill and inspire you both at the same time. Alternatively, find somewhere to hire bikes for the afternoon so that you can cover more ground and practice a different form of exercise on the trip.

Walking around, Wander-Lust

8. Book the first (and at a push, second) night only

The beauty of a road trip is that you never know where the journey may lead – a sense of the unknown is good for the soul.

9. Download podcasts that will nourish the soul

There’s a plethora of road trip playlists available to stream to match any music tastes and have games up your sleeve to get everyone involved with.

10. Lastly, your road trip success will rely on how well you pack

The essentials you need for your daily routine aside, make sure you bring walking boots or sneakers, a picnic blanket, a raincoat, plenty of water, swimwear, a beach towel, a torch, sunscreen, a deck of cards and a board game.

Meanwhile, while you’re homebound, you can create the perfect Staycation at Home!

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