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How to prepare your body for travel (inside out!)

It doesn’t matter whether your a woman or a man, we all want to look and feel great while we walk over the beach.
I say look and FEEL, because it’s also extremely important to turn the workmode OFF and put the chillmode ON.
In this blogpost I will talk about how to prepare your body for your holiday on the inside out.

Look great
Ok, we all know that this is not going to happen overnight, BUT, you can do a lot in a few weeks.
Work out: Boring but true. Get your ass to the gym already! Build it up slowly. Don’t kill yourself for 2 weeks because your body needs some time to get into it.
Eat right: Try to eat a little different. Cut down on pasta’s, rice and bread but do not stop eating! Eat small amounts 6 times daily instead of big meals 3 times a day. Breakfast is key here. Try buckwheat banana pancakes instead of sweet cornflakes and eat good fats like avocado’s. I swear by these because they make your skin look great and believe it or not, they actually break down fat in your body.
Skin prep: Start to prepare your face and body for the sunshine. There are a few things you can do;
Scrub. Buy a good scrub like the exfoliating scrub from Dermalogica (When you buy these products, always check if it doesn’t contain palm oil) Repeat this twice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. For your face you can use Foreo daily (without a scrub product) Just use some cleansing foam and enjoy your soft cheeks afterwards.
Finish your showers with cold water. Put the shower on the hardest setting are circulate it onto your legs, bum, thighs, belly and even your upper body. This is great for your blood circulation and it helps your body break down the fat.
After the cold shower you need to rub yourself dry. Keep that blood circulated! Finish by massaging your bodymilk onto your skin. Always use a facecream that contains SPF.

scrub your bodybikini ready?
Scrub and prepare your body for the sun

“It’s important to prepare your body form the inside out”

Feel great
This is about cleansing your body before you get into chill mode and try weird foods and drink more alcohol than you would normally drink.

For this I use the 3 day cleanse from the Juicebrothers.

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I had never done a cleanse before so this was going to be interesting. Here is my diary in short:
Day 1 » Starting off with a ginger shot which is quite heavy! I open the next bottle straight away and sip the master cleanse which has a bit of Cajun spice into it.
I always work out at the gym on Mondays so this cleanse is not going to stop me. I work out for about 45 minutes as I don’t want to push it.
It surprises me that I can function without food. All the minerals and vitamins keep me not feeling hungry. I go out for a meeting with Sarah and at around 4pm I notice that I can’t concentrate that well anymore. Time to head back home and finish the last 3 juices. Vanilla sky is by far my favorite! (almond milk, coconut sugar, vanilla powder, Himalayan salt) Yummie, I wish the whole bunch was like this one.

cleanse your body

Day 2 » I wake up and my tummy feels flat (hurrah!) but I’feel pretty good. I don’t even feel like having breakfast. (this is normally very important for me)
I start off with the ginger shot again and I have decided I really don’t like this one! It’s very heavy and sharp but it sure does get my tummy working so that’s good.
The whole day was pretty good but I cheated in the afternoon by ordering a smooth vegetable soup. I had a lunch meeting with Sarah (yes, again) and seeing everybody eating was just too much for me! (sorry Juicebrothers) BUT, it was a small soup and I didn’t cheat for the rest of the day..

Day 3 » I’m happy I’ve gotten this far so I’m determent to end my cleanse perfectly. My body feels like it can handle it so for the 3rd day I will use the deepest cleanse. This time I start off with a wheatgrass shot which is a lot softer and tastier! I feel energized and I workout for about 30 minutes before running off to an appointment. I don’t even think of food at this point and it’s only when my stomach starts to rumble that I realize I need to take my next juice.

Verdict: It’s all in the mind. My body was doing fine and I wasn’t hungry. It was my mind that kept playing games with me. (I thought about pretty much every food craving that’s out there) I feel ready for my trip. Energized and healthy. My cold that was coming up, disappeared and I feel more comfortable in my bikini.
I don’t own a scale but I can see that I’ve lost a little weight. I know this cleanse is not suppose to be a diet but it surly feels good!
Order your own cleanse here!



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  1. Make sure you have good walking maps of each city – as well as transit maps – and have studied them in advance. Locate your hotel and the major sights.

    Learn the basic polite phrases in each language. Most people in tourist area will understand at least some English – but you will be much more comfortable if you can at least say good morning, good bye, please and thank you. Do you speak English is also very useful.

    Understand that europeans in general are more reserved than americans. (To many of them we appear loud and foolish – with constant grinning and have a great day.) It’s not that they are unfriendly – they are perfectly polite – but do not expect everyone else to be their new best friend immediately. So say good morning or afternoon on entering a store or restaurant. And wait for a store clerk to help you – don;t just start pulling out the merchandise – even in a street stall.

    And finally, realize that things will go wrong. Some things always do – but there are very rarely serious. Just be flexible and learn to roll with the punches.

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