How to shoot your best portret photo’s while you travel

When you travel there is one thing you will never forget to bring with you. Your camera. At least, if you’re serious about capturing those special moments with a lot of quality. Lucky for us, there are briljant camera’s out there that will make sure you don’t miss a thing! In this blogpost I want to highlight portret photography and why it’s important to buy yourself a good lens.

Portret photo's
One of the portret photo’s I shot with my new Olympus 45mm lens

Tips For Shooting A Great Travel Portret
If you’re not used to shooting portret photo’s of people during a trip, it’s certainly something to get over with because there is nothing more amazing than capturing a face with a story behind it.

» Set your camera.  I recommend you to use aperture priority in which the aperture is selected and the appropriate shutter speed is controlled automatically. This enables you to choose the aperture and ISO you want and lets you spontaneously shoot a scene without the necessity to change every setting. However, be cautious about the shutter speed.
» Get yourself a good lens. When you want to capture a face (or animal) it’s vital that you opt your camera with a good lens. If you want to bring out details in the face, like wrinkles or huge sweaty pores, you might close your aperture a little bit more than for a young girl with soft skin and a soft look. Yes, lenses are expensive but they are a huge investment. We advise the 45mm 1.8 portret lens from Olympus as it’s easy to use and does the job without too many settings. 
» Ask for permission. Always ask if you can make a picture and if you can’t, take the gamble because the moment might fade and chances are that you’re not going to be back again.
» Be confident. If you’re going to hesitate you might miss the window of opportunity. You are the photographer and you know your skills.
» Try to make a conversation.
There might be a language barrier but by using a bit of sign language you will get a long way. It’s great to learn more about the person you photograph. Find out why this person inspires you.
» Accept and understand different cultures.
You might not agree with everything you see around you but accept that there are different believes and cultures and embrace them.

Moving Animals are easy to photograph with a good lens

Using the Olympus 45mm portret lens
We use the Olympus 45mm 1.8 portret lens

I hope you can use these tips on your next adventurous trip!



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    Super article!! Gonna check that lens out. Thanks

  • Christian
    Posted at 14:18h, 23 November Reply

    As I just recently started with photography myself this tipps and tricks are quite usefull. And I will take the advice into consideration when buying the new lens. Thank you!

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