Hurryhurrygogo Amsterdam

Hurryhurrygogo opens beneath the Supperclub!

Hurryhurrygogo opens its doors in the center of Amsterdam. You’ll find this hysterical and fun sister restaurant of Happyhappyjoyjoy, underneath the infamous Supperclub.

This new snack & bar style restaurant will also offer space for its own events, cocktails evenings and high-quality Asian snacks in the middle of the nightlife scene in Amsterdam.

Quick and Easy

Where the concept of Happyhappyjoyjoy is already known for the chaos that can be found in many Asian big cities, this is even more apparent at Hurryhurrygogo. The new concept takes the word “snack bar” to a completely different level; it will be a bar where you can also enjoy an Asian snack. Furthermore, the ordering process at Hurryhurrygogo is also completely different. For example, you can order drinks and food at the bar, and then pick up the food yourself at the kitchen counter. Easy peasy!

Hurryhurrygogo burger

Hurryhurrygogo’s Interior

Again, Concrete is responsible for the realisation of this project in collaboration with JPS ArchitectenOf course, you will be able to find the elements of Asia and we’ll also think you can expect the traditional Asian details like you see at Happyhappyjoyjoy, thus they say it will not be a copy.

interior Hurryhurrygogo

Hurryhurrygogo is open 6 days a week until the late hours which is great for those with late night cravings!

Singel 460, Amsterdam
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