Ice Skating in the Netherlands


The one question we ask ourselves when it becomes (really) cold outside; where can we ice-skate this season? Well, there are plenty of places where you can show off your ice-skating skills (or not). We’ve selected seven

*ICE Amsterdam

The most famous and picturesque ice skating ring in the Netherlands for sure. It’s usually packed with tourists but it’s still worth going for that matter. 

Ice skating Amsterdam

Ice Ring underneath an aircraft

Oh yes, it doesn’t get more unique than this! Right next to the Corendon Village Hotel, you’ll find one of the largest aircrafts; the boeing 747. Last year it was cancelled due to Covid, but this year they have re-opened! There wil be live music and a X-mas market. One hour skating including skates will cost 11 euro. Come and take a look!

Ice skating ring Corendon

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam

Probably one of the coolest indoor ice-skating rinks in the Netherlands! With rainbow lighting on the ceiling, you can skate for 400 meters in some sort of a tunnel which makes it a unique experience. If the weather allows it, the sides of the tunnel can be opened. That way you have the experience of outdoor skating with the advantages of the inside.

Schaatsbaan Rotterdam

Ice skating rink Netherlands, Rotterdam

Jaap Edenbaan, Amsterdam

Let’s start with the most important news; you can skate on the outside 400-meter track! And that is nice, because exercising outside is always a good thing. Moreover, this is the only outside ice-skating ring in this list! Even more reason to visit, because there is nothing like some ice-skating with a red nose from the cold and the December sunshine on your face. Good to know; especially for families there are special ICE FUN hours. During these hours speeding is not allowed, so children and parents can enjoy the ice without any worries.

best ice-skating spots Netherlands, Jaap Edenbaan

IJsbaan Haarlem

Near Amsterdam, you’ll find the Ice-rink of Haarlem. It’s indoor and you can rent ice-skates like most other places on this list. Combine a visit to this place with a walk around in Haarlem or visit cute town Santpoort where you can walk around in the forest.

Cool Event, Scheveningen

This ice rink will show off again on the Kurhausplein from December 5th, to January 17, 2021. And that is extra special in these turbulent corona times. For kids: Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen have the skates ready for a real ‘meet and greet’. Big and small, young and old, families and children are all welcome to the nicest outing of the year. This 14th edition will be slightly different and due to the maximum number of visitors, reservations for the ice rink are recommended.

ice skating Scheveningen

De Scheg, Deventer

Equally fun is De Scheg ice skating rink in Deventer. Enjoy this indoor ice-skating rink of 400 meters that is also open for free skating at various hours. Rules and reservations apply, so check the website for more info.

Ice-skating on Natural Ice

And of course, if temperatures hit below zero for a few days, it’s possible to ice-skate on natural ice in the Netherlands! Mind you, this is rare and only happens every couple of years! Our favourite natural ice-skating spots are:

  • Dwarsgracht (near Giethoorn)
  • Loodsrechtse Plassen, Loodsrecht
  • Vinkeveense Plassen, Vinkeveen
  • Oostvaarderplassen
  • Molenpolder, Utrecht
  • Weerribben, Overrijssel
  • The Amsterdam canals of course!

Natural ice Amsterdam
Ice skating on the Amsterdam canals a few years ago

Happy ice-skating!


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