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Interview »The Wanderlust of.. Notre Vue

Welcome to our new monthly series! The Wanderlust of..
Each month we interview creative people that share our love for travel. To kick off with, we start with the uberstylish men from Notre Vue.
Luc (29) and Steven (30) are two friends from Amsterdam that took Instagram by storm with their amazing shots and sense of style. Both men have traveled quite a bit and have the wanderlust virus just like us We asked them some questions.


So in short, what the hell is Notre Vue?
Luc » Hahaha, we’re story tellers, we create content for brands and retailers as well as our own creative projects.
Steven » I call it content creators who tell a story about the brand or retailer from our point of view. So yeah what Luc said..

How many countries have you visited?

Steven » A lot and many more coming!!
Luc » Around 50, but still so much more to go. This year I want to at least add 3 more to the list.

Steven from Notre Vue
Steven in Alicante

Impressive! What’s the most beautiful place you have ever been to?
Luc » I really loved Noosa in Australia, it’s this really nice little town
on the Eastcoast. The whole town is right in the middle of the National park. So wildlife everywhere you go, from Koala’s to even whales just off shore.
Never seen such a clean country either.
Steven » To me it’s Sekumpul in Bali. The most beautiful valley I’ve ever been to. Full of waterfalls, swallows, butterflies, monkey and the awesome rays of sunshine on the valley completes the perfect picture.

Luc traveled through Australia in 2012

Which country is on your bucket list and why?
Steven » Tokyo!! This is the closest that you can get to end up in a
complete different world. You can’t read anything and the culture and
style is just amazing! I Really want to experience that.
Luc » Tokyo for the urban/city, New Zealand for it’s nature.

“Notre Vue is a group of friends from Amsterdam expressing their creativity and passion for anything we put our minds to.”

What is your nr 1 place in the world you wish to visit to make shots for Notre Vue?
Luc » For me something crazy with a lot of Urbex locations, New York, Chicago come to mind, but also Tokyo or even way out there.. Chernobyl.
Steven » Iceland, New Zealand, Tokyo, New York, Rocky Mountains, San Francisco

The boys from Notre Vue live in Amsterdam
Chillin’ in their hometown Amsterdam

Ever had a bad experience whilst traveling?
Steven » Just running to the toilet that’s it…
Luc » Not really, lost my suitcase two times, but it always came back.

Thanks for that Steven..moving on! What’s one travel essential you would not leave without with?
Luc » Contact Fluid and a camera.
Steven » Hair elastic and a tooth brush

What language is the most sexy in the world to you and how many do you speak?
Steven » South American Spanish…
Luc » Italian by far! Italian women drive me crazy(good and bad way)…I’m fluent in 3 (English, German and Dutch) I can help myself I French and Italian.

Schermopname (15)

No lack of style

Nice! Name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist.
Luc » Have Love, Will Travel – The Sonics
Steven »The World (is going up in flames) – Charles Bradley

So what kind of travelers are you guys? 
Steven »Explorer with a lil bit of luxury
Luc » Luxurious, Exploring Beachbum. I love to the beach, I love exploring everything but I hate camping!

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Thanks guys, see you soon!

Check out the Notre Vue boys on Instagram or visit their blog www.notre-vue.com.



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