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Sixteen Italian regions change their travel advise from orange to yellow

The Italian Ministry of Health has reported that as of today, corona measures will be relaxed in 16 regions.

In 16 Italian regions, the colour codes that advises people to travel or not, will change from orange to yellow. Measures are now being relaxed in Lombardy and Lazio, among others.

Code yellow in Italy

What does code yellow mean in Italy? In regions with code yellow, table service is allowed in bars, cafes and restaurants during the day. After 6PM you are no longer allowed to eat or drink on the street, but you can still have food delivered. In addition, museums may reopen their doors to visitors from Monday to Friday.

Important regions in Italy that are currently in the yellow zone are; Calabria, Tuscany, Lombardia, the Southern part of Trentino and Lazio.

Calabria, Italy

Curfew stays

The curfew, that we also experience in the Netherlands, is valid from 10PM until 5AM, so not too bad. The travel ban between different regions will stay as it is, so you can only travel to other regions if it’s strictly necessary. 

Tuscany, Italy

Colour codes-code per region

If you visit you will see the actual data and information per Italian region and which colour-code the region has. At present time, there are still five regions that have colour-code orange: Trentino, Sicilië, Sardinië, Puglia and Umbrië. Luckily, there is only one red zone left.

So, one question remains..will you visit Italy this year?


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