Juke Joint Kitchen - Buitenplaats Plantage


Oh boy, do we have a lovely scoop for you guys. If you are a fan of Rococo or Buitenplaats Plantage in the Netherlands, read on. They are opening the Juke Joint Kitchen on the 20th of January 2023.

Juke Joint Kitchen

A Juke Joint – is often referred to as a place where African Americans would come together, dance, and create music. Some say it’s where the blues originated – a place of joy, good times, and the spot where Elvis would be found often. Now, you can find a taste of it at Buitenplaats Plantage. If you haven’t heard of Buitenplaats Plantage, you missed out on something these last couple of years. Not too far from Amsterdam, you can find this wonderful place of tranquility.  This beautiful spot is perfect for those who want to escape the city. Not too long ago, they also opened their first eco-hotel and restaurant Rococo in Velsen (a must-visit!). 


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Above photo of Buitenplaats Plantage (not Juke Joint)

Juke Joint Kitchen will be situated inside a beautiful greenhouse, that was previously and mostly used as a meeting room.  After a turnaround and some design changes, this greenhouse is now opening as of the 20th of January on Fri & Sat. Come over for comfort food and woodstone (organic) pizzas, but also (live) music and movies. 

Time for new connections, real conversations, and raw soul snacks

Juke Joint music

Pizza 2.0

At Juke Joint Kitchen they will be serving home-baked pizzas, but it won’t be the usual. Think of organic dough, fermented veggies, healthy toppings, the kind you can find in their garden. Besides pizza, more deliciousness will be served, but the full menu isn’t available yet. For now we know the food will be organic, nutritious and finger licking good! 

Juke Joint Kitchen
Vogelenzangseweg 49 B, Vogelenzang

Stay tuned for updates as you will hear it here first!

X Wander-Lust

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