pop-up Lemonade bar

Karvan Cévitam opens the first Lemonade Bar in The Netherlands!

We love ourselves a good pop-up bar. Especially if it’s something to do with food or drinks! Karvan Cévitam just opened the first ever lemonade bar in The Netherlands and we were there to check it out.

To celebrate their 70 year anniversary, Karvan Cévitam will open up the doors of this colourful pop-up bar in the heart of Amsterdam. They’ve turned the place into an Instagrammable whahalah, with 2 lemonade bars. For the pink flavors you’ll have to head upstairs, where you can roll into the pink flamingo ballpit, and order your favorite pink mocktail. For yellow you’ll go stay downstairs, where you can enjoy a confetti shower (must try!). Visitors can order a FREE lemonade with added fruits, chilli flakes or herbs. 

Free mocktails at the Karavan Cévitam Lemonade Bar
Free mocktails!

Lemonade bar Amsterdam

confetti shower at the pop-up lemonade bar
Confetti Showers!

Karvan Cévitam was founded back in 1948, and I think almost every household has grown up with their lemonade. Did you know that they sell around 22,5 million bottles of lemonade each year? Oh, and most people prefer the pink flavours such as strawberry or raspberry. What kind would you go for?

The KC Lemonade Bar is open from the 18th until the 26th of May between 10am & 5pm.

KC Lemonade Bar
Prinsengracht 715, Amsterdam

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