In only 4,5 hours you can fly directly to Lanzarote with Vueling. Treat yourself to a priority seat in the front with extra space, and make sure you have your sunscreen ready. Let us show you all the best spots on the island, including some hidden gems! 

Lanzarote travel guide

Lanzarote in a nutshell

There are a few things you might want to know before heading to Lanzarote and we’ll make it quick:

    • Lanzarote belongs to Spain, even though its located next to North Africa.
    • It’s a volcanic island, so you’ll find black and white beaches, some at unique locations.
    • The climate is always warm, even in January it feels like 20 – 24 degrees!
    • The island has many different points of interest, therefore it never feels too crowded.
    • Rent a car to explore the island! You can easily do this here.

Things to do on Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park

By all means, it’s the main attraction on Lanzarote – Timanfaya National Park. Although people think you can hike or drive here, you cannot. Entree is 12 euro, and it gives you a seat in the bus that drives around the park. Sit by the window if you want to take some photo’s but you’re better off to just enjoy the views.

Timanfaya National Park

If you don’t feel like sitting in a full bus with tourists – plus the 3-language guided tour, you can also drive towards Timanfaya National Park and passed the National Park and still get the vibe. For example, you can drive up to Vulcano El Cuervo which you can walk around (takes about one hour). Best of all, you can enter the crater because of an opening, quite impressive. If you climb the vulcano across from the car park, you have an incredible view of the Vulcano El Cuervo and those in the distance.

Vulcano El Cuervo, Lanzarote
Vulcano El Cuervo

Visit the Le Geria Wine Region

We have been to a few wine regions in our lifetime, but we have never seen a place like this. Le Geria has been declared a ‘Protected Area’, occupying about 20 square miles (52 square kilometres) of Lanzarote. Due to the minerals in the ground, the grapes provide the local wines with a very particular taste. Most wines here (75 percent) are made from the Malvasía grape, one of the oldest known grape varieties. You can visit different wineries but the oldest is Bodégo Le Geria. Personally, we had a look at Bodega Stratvs – a beautiful and modern winery with a massive cellar, pretty wine garden, and palmtrees.

Le Geria, Lanzarote

Lanzarote is always warm, and even adventurous!

Where to eat on Lanzarote

Unlike other Spanish islands like Ibiza or Mallorca, Lanzarote still has some work to do when it comes to trendy hotspots or restaurants. Bare in mind, some restaurants may look like they are not what you looked for, they certainly serve good food. Of course we checked out some of the best spots. For all of our favourite restaurants and lunch spots, check this article.

Restaurante Casa Torano, best lunch on Lanzarote
Lunch on Lanzarote

Visit La Graciosa Island

In order to get to La Graciosa, you take the ferry from Orzóla, located in the far Northern part of Lanzarote. Ferry tickets cost 14 euro each way and take about 30 minutes. They depart hourly, but there is a little lunch break when they don’t. Once you arrive at La Graciosa, we advise you to rent a bicycle. Depending on your fitness level, you can choose between an electric bike for 25 euro p.p or a normal mountain bike for 15 euro. If you don’t feel like sweating at all, you can use a taxi for about 30 euro for 2 people. We do recommend taking a bike, because of the experience.

A must when visiting La Graciosa is Playa de las Conchas. Because it takes some effort to get there (a sweaty bike ride across the island), not many people will go. It takes about 25 to cycle there and especially the first parts goes uphill. Once you arrive, you are rewarded with the most beautiful beach of Lanzarote! White soft sand will get stuck in between your toes – the kind we like.

Playa de las Conchas, Lanzarote

You won’t find any beach bars, shade or umbrella’s, so bring a hat, some water and enough sunscreen. Although the sea looks incredibly inviting, the sea here is rough and can be dangerous. Our advise is not to swim here, just let your toes touch the water and enjoy the incredible views. Some people hike up the mountain next to Playa de las Conchas for an extra nice view. There are a few more beaches, and we we’re told by a local that Playa la Cocina is also worth a visit. Have lunch at Elveril for fresh fish, near the harbour on the beach.

Drone image of Playa de las Conchas, La Graciosa
Playa de las Conchas

Piscinas Naturales Charcones

Another spot on Lanzarote that isn’t too easy to reach, and therefore never too crowded! The road starts off smooth and new, but after a while – about 5 minutes before your Google end destination, the off-road adventure starts. Watch out for big stones and follow the tracks, you should be fine. Just behind an abandoned hotel, you find the natural pools of Lanzarote. If you arrive before noon, the light is perfect, making the colours of the pools light blue and striking. Yes, you can swim in some of the holes, but be aware of the crabs, sea urchins, and the pool sides are very slippery to enter. Another danger is the strong sea that rises rapidly, so entering is at your own risk. 

Piscinas Naturales Charcones

Natural pool lanzarote

These are the best natural pools on Madeira!

The best villages of Lanzarote


When we arrived here, we could immediately feel the relaxed vibe. In contrast to the Southern part of Lanzarote, young people come here to surf, and meet each other in cafés. We had a lovely dinner at El Risco, which is recommended by Michelin. Café La Mar is a cool hangout with tapas and drinks.

Famara, Lanzarote
The road to Famara, the village of sand

El Golfo

Cute little seaside village (or shall we say; street), with a few nice restaurants and shops. Besides, this is also the village that is situated next to the green lake they call Charco Verde. Come when the sun is high to see the bright green colour! Be aware that it can be quite windy on this side of the island.

Road Lanzarote
The road from El Golfo


Tipped as the nicest village on Lanzarote, and therefore popular by the mass. You can find different shops (mostly souvenirs), a charming church and some restaurants. On Sunday there is a market but unfortunately it’s a little disappointing as they don’t sell many local goods. Our advise; come during the week, and try one of the tapas restaurants!

Teguise, Lanzarote

The beach beaches of Lanzarote

Something we travel far for are beaches of the islands. Luckily, Lanzarote has white and black beaches, where you can relax. Not all beaches have cafés or umbrella’s available, but we will mention this below.

Playa Papagayo

One of Lanzarote’s most popular beaches and not without reason! This beach has 2 small cafés, but you need to bring your own umbrella.

Playa Papagayo, Lanzarote
Playa Papagayo

Check the following article for all of our favourite beaches on Lanzarote.

By all means, Lanzarote is an island you can see and explore quite easily – but at least four days are advised. Book a direct flight with Vueling, and arrive in the sunshine in about 4 hours!



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