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Live from Reykjavik | Travel to Iceland, Virtually

Do you miss music and the vibes of a festival? On the 13th & 14th of November, a massive Livestream Music Event will be held from Reykjavik. The festival, that is visited by more than 8000 foreign visitors each year, is offering a once in a lifetime online event this year.

Like many other festivals in the world, Reykjavik’s biggest music event, Iceland Airwaves, was canceled this year. But innovation is key during these challenging times and the team behind Iceland Airwaves came up with Live from Reykjavik. If you love Iceland and its music, this Scandinavian music event is worth login on for. Enjoy it from the comfort of your own home, we’ll be watching!

Iceland concert, Live in Reykavjik
No crowd this year but enjoy unique performances at home!

Live from Reykjavik: Performances at iconic locations

The result is an impressive collection of  local talent that will provide a nice distraction in these unprecedented times through an online event. Icelandic musicians, including Eurovision 2020 favourite Daði Freyr, will perform at iconic Reykjavik venues such as Iðnó, Gamla Bío, Art Museum Reykjavík and more.

International travel is not possible for many people at the moment, so this is a great way to be able to share the ‘soul of Iceland’

Discover Iceland through music

Live from Reykjavik is a rare opportunity for people from all over the world to discover Iceland in an unusual way: through music. Frankly, because can’t travel right now, this is a unique way of getting familiar with the popular music from Iceland and get to know the country. “We wanted to find a way to showcase the tremendous talent of the music scene here in Iceland,” says festival director Ísleifur Þórhallsson, “and we want to support the bigger picture and showcase our innovation in this way. in a lifetime opportunity to have all these artists in Iceland at the same time, we had to seize this opportunity with both hands.”

how does Iceland sound
Head sponsor Icelandair 

The performances will be broadcast in four optimized time zones on November 13/14 *, starting at 7:30 PM local time. Get you tickets here.


Do you miss traveling and do you want to experience a unique music event? We are happy to announce that we can GIVE AWAY two free tickets for Live from Reykjavik! (worthy of €100,-) Let us know in the comments why you deserve to win! Winners will be notified via email or though social media.



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  • Tanja Chung
    Posted at 10:06h, 06 November Reply

    Would love to share this experience with my wonderful friend, festival dance partner, travel buddy and sidekick for life, Karin. She’s a teacher and has been under massive strain this pandemic. Traveling is normally her release, but like all of us, she hasn’t been able to do that. So I’d love give her a bit of a boost, some emotional support, through this event. ❤️

  • Heida Arnbjornsson
    Posted at 15:15h, 11 November Reply

    I miss all my friends and family back in Iceland! With COVIDs travel restrictions, I am not sure when I will be able to go again. This experience would make me feel like I am there and it would allow me to “take” my boyfriend with me !!

  • Michaela P
    Posted at 16:07h, 11 November Reply

    We’ve all had a rocky time of it this past few months so it would be awesome to treat myself and my husband to something other than banana bread baking, Netflix box sets and zoom quizzes!!!

  • Abby Kuehl
    Posted at 16:17h, 11 November Reply

    I would be so honored to win these tickets!! My husband and I were suppose to fly out to Iceland for our Honeymoon on March 26th, 2020 and return home April 3rd, 2020, but the pandemic had different plans for us 🙁 I remember sitting in bed about 5 days prior and learning that the boarders were shut down. So, here we wait until the boarders open to finally go on our Honeymoon to Iceland, the most beautiful country we have learned about! I have planned our trip for over a year, and we are praying we get to go this summer. This would mean the world to us to win these tickets to the virtual event!!

  • Katja Schmidt
    Posted at 21:10h, 11 November Reply

    This is the first time in seven years that I’ll not be able to travel to Reykjavik and dance on the Airwaves…so sad* and attending online would be such a pleasure! I would ♥️ to win one of the tickets! Hugs and kisses from Fürth, Germany

  • Lena
    Posted at 22:00h, 11 November Reply

    Last year I’ve been to Iceland Airwaves and it was the first time I traveled alone and even celebrated my birthday there – I had the time of my life! I love Iceland and so wanted to do it again this year, this time with a friend of mine. But instead I had a birthday with covid-restrictions at home… I would so love to get a bit of that Iceland Airwaves spirit

  • Femke Kampschreur
    Posted at 23:06h, 11 November Reply

    Single mama here would love to hear some new music and have a little musical ‘get away’ this way. Would sure ease the pain a little of ESNS next edition having to go digital too. This will get me back into the mood and I can have my 6 months old to have a great music experience this way too.

  • Stefan
    Posted at 12:15h, 12 November Reply

    I would love to win, because Iceland Airwaves is my favourite festival and this year I couldn’t travel to Reykjavik and enjoy the festival as it happened the years before.

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