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If you think this is just another article about a hotel in Amsterdam, you are right, but also wrong. We stayed in one of the most unique hotels in Amsterdam; Lloyd Hotel.

So what makes this hotel different from all the others you may ask yourself. There is more than one reason, which we will tell you about in this article. Take a few minutes to read and by the end you will probably plan your stay!

Lloyd Hotel Entrance

The first 1 to 5 star hotel in the world

In total, there are 117 rooms, all unique and for every budget. Because of their 1 to 5 star concept, you can pick any room, in all shapes and sizes. Some are plain and simple with shared bathrooms starting at €50 per night, others are luxurious that include a swing inside the room, or a large bed that you can share with your whole family. We don’t know any hotel in Amsterdam that has so many different rooms when it comes to design and prices.

Breakfast on bed!
Due to Covid, you can get free roomservice in your bedroom!

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The history of Lloyd Hotel

For this we need to go back to 1921, when the building was designed by architect Evert Breman, who was commissioned by the Royal Dutch Lloyd, the first shipping company to establish an emigrant’s service to South America in the eastern docklands area. This hotel, especially build for immigrants had enough space for 900 guests. When it finally opened, it costed 8 times more than eventually thought, which probably contributed to the bankruptcy of the company in 1935.

Lloyd Hotel view tower

Moreover, from the 2nd World War until the early 60’s the building was used as a prison, for youth and adults. In 2004 it re-opened as a modern hotel as we know Lloyd Hotel now. The building has been appointed as a monument and you can certainly see this upon arrival.

Every room at Lloyd Hotel is unique

To start with, the building has been appointed a monument which means that you can find many original features in the rooms. Don’t expect a super modern hotel, but a historic building, restored into a fully functional hotel with modern features. 

As mentioned before, Lloyd Hotel offers its guests 1 to 5 star rooms. For example, if you stay in a one star room, you share a bathroom in the corridor with other guests but don’t let that put you off. This bathroom is in original state so the tiles date back from the 1920’s, pretty cool! From two stars you get your own private bathroom.

Swing room Lloyd Hotel
The 5 star swing room

Beamer film room Lloyd Hotel
Rent a beamer and watch movies with the whole family in this 5 star room!

Hammock room Lloyd
Relax in the hammock in this 4 star room

Captains Room

Lloyd restaurant

Furthermore, the hotel features a downstairs restaurants with comfortable booths and an all day menu. Currently, you can order room service without an additional charge. Sidenote: Lloyd restaurant is temporarily closed for public due to the Corona measures, but remains open for hotel guests. It’s also possible to order takeaway between 7.30 am and 9 pm.

Lloyd restaurant

In conclusion, we think Lloyd is one of the most unique hotels we’ve stayed in. Not just because of the bedrooms, but also the story behind it, its location and beautiful building. Right now, it’s the perfect time to book a staycation because hotels are offering amazing packages, plus after many of us having to cancel their holidays, we all deserve a break.

Lloyd Hotel
Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam


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