Christmas during Lockdown


The word is out, during Christmas there are most likely various lockdowns in place in many countries across the world. The Netherlands is one of them, and with COVID on the lurk, it may be time for some new Christmas ideas.

One thing is for sure, we will not forget Christmas 2021 anytime soon. Even more reasons why we should make the most of it. Here are a few tips for a wonderful Christmas during lockdown.

Christmas during Lockdown

Support your local and order your Christmas Dinner!

This lockdown Christmas idea has two major advantages. In the first place, you are supporting one of the many restaurants that are closed during this partial lockdown. Secondly, you save yourself a lot of time standing in the kitchen for hours, preparing Christmas dinner. And by ordering Christmas food, we don’t mean ordering a pizza. No, there are plenty of restaurants that now exclusively offer a Christmas Dinner that is partially cooked by the restaurant chef, and finally prepared and heated by you! We would recommend you to try some of these;

Oh My Guts is a healthy Christmas Dinner option that comes with three options; Meat, Fish or Vegan. They deliver across the Netherlands from the 21st up until the 24th of December. Order your box here!

De Kop van Oost offers a Christmas Box filled with enough food for 4-courses. We recently tried one of their standard food boxes and we really enjoyed making the dishes ourselves with video instructions from the head chef. It’s fun and super easy! Check what’s included in the Christmas Box and add on some wine pairing if you’d like.

Click here for more restaurants in Amsterdam that deliver a special Christmas menu.

Christmas Dinner during lockdown

If you do want to cook yourself from scratch, check out these healthy and easy to make Christmas Recipes!

Cut down your Christmas Tree at the Veluwe

Don’t worry, this is all done with great care and no nature will be harmed. In fact, the Veluwe Park Netherlands has organised this event where you can come and cut down your own tree for free! This way you also help them maintain the nature park. Cutting down the tree and taking it is completely free, you only need to pay for the Park’s entrance fee and parking. Find out more about dates and additional information here.

Christmas during lockdown

Create some winter cocktails

With no Christmas markets around this year, we miss out on the warm Glühwein and other delicious hot drinks. Not to worry! We’ve created a list of Winter Drinks and recipes for you to enjoy during the holiday period, in the comfort of your own home. Cheers everybody!

Warm winter drinks, Recipes

Create a Virtual Christmas Party

It may sound a bit lame at first, but these are innovating times y’all! Simply invite all your favourite friends or family, create a virtual Christmas background and you are good to go. You can host a Christmas quiz, Christmas songs bingo or unpack presents together. Whether you use Zoom, Skype or Teams, we are lucky to live in a day and age where technology offers the helping hand during this challenging period.

Have you ever tried these Virtual After Work Drinks?

Binge watch Christmas Movies 

Thankfully, we have Netflix, Disney Plus and or Videoland to help us get though this period. As you can imagine, there are countless Christmas movies to choose from. Snuggle up with an above mentioned winter drink and you are all set for the evening. Take a look at our favourite Christmas Movies streaming on Netflix right now.

Christmas Movies Streaming on Nexflix

Book a Staycation during lockdown (but be quick!)

Restaurants remain closed in the Netherlands and many European countries, but many hotels are still open. On the positive side, hotels are still allowed to serve their guests food, so if you want to enjoy a wonderful Christmas staycation, this is your best bet. Besides, hotels currently offer the most amazing deals, so its quite affordable compared to previous years. For example, we stayed at Pillows Hotels in Zwolle who offer a one night stay including a 4-course dinner and breakfast! Take a look at our favourite staycations from 2021 and snuggle up with your loved one(s).

Staycation during Christmas
Staycation at Pillows, Zwolle

If you want to get out of the city, take a look at some of these Tiny Houses in the Netherlands

As can be seen, Christmas during lockdown doesn’t have to be dull this year. Let’s make the best of it!

Stay Safe and warm!


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