Mini Guide Duisburg, Germany


Duisburg is part of Germany’s Ruhr region – famous for its urban surroundings. Although many factories are still operating, this region is rapidly changing into a place where travelers make a stopover. Duisburg is one of those cities. Find out what you can do, see and taste in Duisburg if you decide to pass it.

Duisburg in a Nutshel

Slag heap-hill-hopping. More than 250 so-called ‘slag heaps’ decorate the landscape in the Ruhr area. These artificial hills are both a beautiful viewing point and a place for out-of-the-box artwork. Two of the most photogenic ones are the Tetraeder and Tiger & Turtle. Google Maps guides you there with ease.


There are about four worthy places to visit when you come to Duisburg. Most of them, you’ll find outside the city’s center. From Duisburg main train station, you can easily take the tram (U Bahn) 903, which takes you both ways outside the city. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines at the station – just don’t forget to stamp them inside the tram or bus.


This old iron factory is a real attraction and entree is free of charge. Walk around or check the agenda for concerts or festivals. If you’re lucky, the place lights up at night. Dive in a former gas storage or climb blast furnace No. 5 (good luck with keeping your fear of heights under control). Who’s ready for some adventure?


The Duisburg inner harbor is the largest in Europe. If you book a tour boat you can take a nice tour of the harbor. Partly the harbor is being refunctioned, creating beautiful walking areas with a couple of nice restaurants and bars.

Innenhafen Duisburg


This place is best described as an outdoor sport-complex surrounded by nature. Lakes, trees, a place to wind down, or go for a run. Tip: From the 22 meter high steel observation tower you have a fantastic view of the green Duisburg! It takes about 28 minutes to get there by public transport if you leave from Duisburg HBF.

Botanical Gardens

Right in the middle of the Turkish district (Fürst-Pückler-Straße 18), you can find a peaceful park full of beautiful trees and plants where you can walk around. There is also a small aquarium, which can be fun for kids. Combine this visit with the Turkish market near the U-Bahn.

Botanical Gardens Duisburg

Tiger & Turtle

Google Duisburg, and we’ll bet you that a photograph of Tiger & Turtle will appear. No surprise, because this artwork is a wonderful spot to visit – especially if you love immersive optical illusions. It looks like a rollercoaster which you can climb both ways until a certain point.  It was designed by Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter back in 2011 and still attracts daily visitors. Come during sunset for the best photo moment.

Tiger & Turtle Duisburg


During our stay, the Innenhafen Festival was held on June 2nd, where live-bands played, aswell as DJ’s and food trucks. It ended with a bang with a massive firework display at midnight. Another festival we liked was the at Landschaftpark where you could also see several music performances, and enjoy local food trucks. At night the former steel plant lights up in the most amazing colours. For more information on festivals and events in Duisburg, visit the Duisburg website.


The most important question when we arrive in a new city; where should we eat? Well, we found some of the best options for you. Hungry yet?

Küppersmühle Restaurant

Loved this place. Fancy, sure. But worth it. Fine dining by the waterfront at Innenhafen, great staff, and the menu is wonderful. We enjoyed a fresh cucumber soup, fish for mains, and don’t you dare skip the dessert.


Right in the middle of Duiburg’s shopping district, we enjoyed a massive vegetarian place of veggies, falafel and dips. Everything is homemade and very tasty! Interior wise it might not look appealing, but the food is great and reasonably priced.

Lolu Duisburg


Described as a true gem, and offering high class cuisine, it’s a shame we didn’t manage to try this restaurant ourselves. That being said, it totally belongs on the list.


Hence the name, L’Osteria offers Italian food and by own saying the best pizza in Duisburg. What we can say to certain, is that they offer a large outside terrace and a wonderful looking inside. People are also welcome for drinks.


We had never eaten at a restaurant with a menu inspired by Mongolia, but Duisburg made us do it. We had a wonderful lady serve us, being very helpful and accommodating when we tried to change up the dishes due to allergies. Tip: go for the salad bar where you can pick and choose, buffet style. On the menu they also offer insects…would you dare? Location in the innenhafen.

Mongo's Duisburg


Nevertheless important, and hard to find in this city. But here we are, so you don’t have to search! Here are our favourite cafés for coffee and cake.


By far the most trendy spot in Duisburg when it comes to cafés or coffee bars. They open for breakfast, lunch, coffee, and fresh juices. Specials are offered and include healthy bowls and delicious sandwiches. Located right across the main station!

Coffeenication Duisburg

Simply Coffee

This is where the cool kids go, we think at least. We arrived when they just closed (around 7 pm) but by the looks of it, this is a great hang out, in a pretty nice area close to Innenhafen.

Passione Espresso

Come here for two things; barista coffee, and real coffee beans! This shop/café offers its customers a place to sit and enjoy, while you can also buy freshly grinded coffee beans. Located at


We stayed at Innercity Hotel, which was comfortable, had a decent breakast buffet and friendly staff. Rooms are simple but clean, and it’s located right across from the train station. Find all the hotels in Duisburg here.

All in all, Duisburg is a great stop-over option to explore for one or 2 days, by following this mini guide. have fun! Find more German destinations below!

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