Miniature vases for your bicycle!

The Netherlands (especially Amsterdam) is a place dominated by bicycles. There are so many that it can be hard to remember where you’ve parked it. One good reason to pimp yours and stand out!

Lot’s of people to this by painting their bikes or adding features like baskets and accessories. If you’re one of those bicycle pimps, you’re going to love this new trend: Miniature vases for your Bicycle!


Pimp your bicycle

Bring a little color to your life and pimp your bike with flowers and vases in all sorts of colours and sizes! The vase is made with 3D printing. (how cool!) It is then dyed and sealed with acrylic varnish to keep retain water and maintain the color. Don’t worry about it getting stolen, this planter has a flat bottom, so it can rest on your table or desk when not on your bike. They will stand the rainy weather in Amsterdam or any city for that matter but they are so good looking that you probably want to take them inside with you anyway! The vases are created by Colleen Jordan, an Atlanta-based designer and artist who runs Wearable Planter. On her website she also sells pins and other cool objects to green up your life with!

Flowers on your Bicycle
Go greener!

Mint bicycle plant
Take it to the office!

Wearable plants

Visit where you can order them online from about 37 dollars. 



*all pictures are courtesy of Wearable Plants

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