Back to Nature Tour with Moer Amsterdam

A few weeks ago I was invited to a special ‘Back to Nature’ event. Organised by restaurant MOER, a unique chance to find out where the food on my plate was actually coming from. 

MOER is a restaurant in Amsterdam where vegetables take the centre stage. Is it vegan? No, but they do believe in smaller portions of meat and fish, and eat more vegetables instead. With the focus on sustainability, they avoid the big suppliers and strictly work with local farmers where they get their vegetables from. I was exited to meet some of the farmers, and see where their vegetables grow.

Restaurant MOER

Green Vingers
We started the tour at restaurant MOER where taxi’s brought us to Amsterdam West where we drove into the meadows.. and on one meadow you’ll find Groenhartig. A lavish and pretty vegetable garden. Upon arrival, we walked into the garden where we could find a party tent with a large decorated table. After a welcome snack, which was vegetable ceviche, we enjoyed a matching wine. I could get used to this on a Tuesday! After a quick tour in the garden, we could pick our own vegetables which would later be prepared into wonderful delicious dishes. It’s so nice to eat food when you know where it’s coming from! After three courses we went back to the restaurant where we enjoyed our dessert. 

Moer tomatoes
Pretty reds

Seasonal vegetables, prepared by the chefs of restaurant MOER

restaurant Moer
Picking veggies at Groenhartig

Now YOU do the tour
It was such a great day, it felt like I left the big city for a moment and got to experience a full dinner experience! Groenhartig always opens up their garden, so take a peek if you will! If you do want to try the whole Back to Nature experience like I did, MOER is hosting this event on the 2nd of September, and has space for 25 people.

What do you get?

  • A free (electric) taxi ride to and from the location
  • 5 course-meal
  • Tour on the vegetable farm plus amuse
  • Wine paring
  • Cooking workshop
  • Several wines to accompany the meals
    You can apply here. Come hungry because they will be serving 5 courses!  and go back in nature for a day, because in a city like Amsterdam, you just sometimes need time for yourself and each other.



*All pictures by Kirsten Van Santen unless stated otherwise

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