These are the 10 most visited cities in the world

In at number one is Hong Kong! Again, this expats city has topped the charts with 26 million international arrivals in 2019. The report was published by the Euromonitor’s annual rankings.

It beat Bangkok, which saw 18.8 million international tourist arrivals. One thing is for sure, Asia is a popular Continent!

Here is the full list of the most visited cities!

1. Hong Kong 26.7m
2. Bangkok 25.8m
3. Macau 20.6m
4. Singapore 19.8m
5. London 19.6m

6. Paris 19.1m
7. Dubai 16,3
8. Dehli 15.2
9. Istanbul 14.7m
10. Kuala Lumpur 14.1

Euromonitor rankings only has 2019 as the most recent year available to be able to create a comprehensive list. Surprisingly, New York was kicked out of the top ten and even though the events in Paris and Istanbul, people kept on coming to the two cities. In Asia will probably still top the list when the new report comes out next year. Hong Kong is doing so well not only because it’s a perfect layover between many Asian countries but the city is vibrant, has a growing food culture (not just in Chinese food) and 70 precent of the city is green and great for hiking. Read our DimSum report about Hong Kong.

Elke in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong 

The cities with the largest growth are:

  1. Osaka, Japan – 52 percent rise in visitor numbers
  2. Kyoto, Japan – 48 percent
  3. Chiang Mai, Thailand – 40 percent
  4. Tokyo, Japan – 35 percent
  5. Agra, India – 28 percent
  6. Delhi, India – 26 percent
  7. Mumbai, India – 26 percent
  8. Milan, Italy – 18 percent
  9. Mecca, Saudi Arabia – 17 percent
  10. Pattaya, Thailand – 17 percent




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