Pregnancy is a truly magical experience. A little person is growing inside of you and in just nine months you create a newborn baby. A unique, challenging and exciting time for first-time moms. Pregnancy can cause a roller coaster of emotions. So it’s normal that you have a number of questions, like what  you need to get for you and your baby. New mummy Sarah has prepared a list of 16 nice to have / must haves for first time moms:

When strolling on the internet you will find a number of checklists with recommendations for you and your baby. Super handy of course, but it can be very confusing with so many options out there. I decided to get the help of some of my mom friends. They gave me some great tips and pointed out how important it is to choose products that last for several years, so you can use your products for your second baby or give out to your friends. So here we go:

1. The Stroller

Of course you need a stroller, but a good stroller is a must, especially when you live in the city like I do. There are so many great brands, but for some reason I had Bugaboo in my mind from the beginning. A true qualitative icon that is build to last. I decided to go for the Lynx: A light-footed wanderer that feels confident any route it takes. ​That’s exactly what I need! Besides the fact that it looks cute, the real reason why I choose this stroller is due to the fact that it folds into one light piece, so that I can take it up and down the stairs easily. I live on the 4rd floor, so you can imagine how happy this stroller makes me.

2. Cover Up (in style)

A newborn baby spends a lot of time in bed, so preparing also involves buying sheets and blankets. I got some secondhand Koeka items from my sister that she used for her first and second child. I must admit that the quality of Koeka is amazing, it still looks beautiful after 6 years. I’m a sucker for pretty products, but even more important, it also should guarantee safety. All products of Koeka have the special ÖkoTexlabel and guarantees a certain level of health safety. Equally important, we are all striving for a better future, and therefore it’s important to buy 100% organic cotton! Koeka is developing more sustainable products, so another great reason to check out this brand. How cute is this ruffle sheet with mushroom blanket of the new FW21 collection.

3. Natural Baby Care Products

You want to look after your little one in the best way possible. So what about skincare? In the early weeks you might want to avoid lotions or use the mildest lotion. Many skin and hair care products are made with synthetic fragrances and can cause allergic reactions. I use organic products myself and I find it super important to use natural products for my newborn only. I tried Naïf sunscreen this summer and I found out that all products are natural, sustainable and vegan and they stay away from chemicals. This is exactly what I want for my baby. Pampering my mini’s skin with soft, smooth, and hydrating products. Naif offers a great starter pack, 59,95 euro.

4. A house free of dust, allergens and bacteria 

Blame it on my hormones, but cleaning my apartment has become a part of my daily routine! I think its super important that the house is clean. I was getting a bit stressed about germs and dust. I’ve read that it can be dangerous, therefore I decided to look into the Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde™ machine. What I like about it is that it automatically senses, captures, and traps pollutants, and detects and destroys formaldehyde.

Eventually, what goes into the filter will stay there, and never be expelled into the air you breath. The gold colour is beautiful and fits perfectly into my apartment. Great during summer, since it also cools your home. Even on the highest speed, the machine is quieter than all other machines that I have had. I downloaded the Dyson app, which is a very simple and fast process, to link it to be able to control the fan even when I am not home. 

5. Tripp Trapp Chair 

How cosy is it to eat together and having diner on the same table with your newborn. The tripp trapp chair is maybe not new to many of you, but definitely a must have. This chair is super easy to clean, grows with your child, can be used for many years and looks amazing at the table. Did you know that you can use it from birth with the special Newborn Set from Stokke? It can be attached and removed from the Tripp Trapp chair easily, and gives you the freedom to move around while your baby is safe.

The total newborn set is 308 euro. Exchange your newborn set into the baby set for the next phase. You can add the special Stokke Tripp Trapp Classic Cushion which comes in several colours and is suitable for 6 months to 3 years. This cushion is not only super soft and comfortable, but the textile is Oeko-Tex® Standard, free from hazardous substances.
This cushion is 44 euro and the baby set is 49 euro.

6. Personalised statue

The rise of ceramics is out there and I am a big fan myself. My plan was to create a body statue during my workshop, but then I realised that I would rather have one of my own pregnant body. My friends told me how much they missed ‘the belly’ once they gave birth, so this statue is a memory of being pregnant, proud of my changed body. I came across the Bellysisters, who make personalised statues of women’s bodies during their third trimester.

An amazing piece of art of 15cm, 17cm or 19cm. Plan your appointment online, meet the sisters in their studio in Alkmaar, pick your favourite statue, make a 3D scan of your body (yes ladies, you will be naked), and they do the rest! The statue is ready between 8-10 weeks. I can’t wait to get my hands on my own personal statue, which we will share on our social channels very soon. Keep an eye out, something exciting is coming up with the Bellysisters soon! Prices start from 175 euro.

7. Himalayan Salt Light

The perfect night light, where to find it? This Himalayan pink salt lamp is just perfect! The lamps are a popular choice due to the soft light. Next to that the Himalayan pink salt lamps also claim to clean the air, helps cultivate a calming atmosphere and may improve sleep. Besides, it kind of looks amazing too, don’t you agree? Shop the night light here, for 24.95 euro.

source: Babyroomboom

8. Glass bottle

I always use glass when drinking, so why would I use plastic bottles for my baby? I was also a bit worried that plastics bottles might be harmful due to chemicals. And glass is naturally free of toxic chemicals! Most bottles are made from plastic, but more brands are embracing the glass versions, like me. The ergonomic of the Difrax shape ensures an optimal drinking position. This glass S-bottle of 200ml that I picked has a patented anti-colic system in the bottom for prevention of intestinal cramps, burps and spitting. Additionally, the bottle teat has a soft round nipple-shaped teat that resembles the mother’s breast. Shop yours here!

9. Co-sleeper

In the first few weeks newborn babies sleep more than they are awake, so a good and safe bed is a must. This wooden co-sleeper from Bednest is not only beautiful designed, but also qualitative and safe! With this tiny bed you have your baby sleeping next to you and that’s exactly what you want in those first few months! You can check your baby any time (which you want and will do), connect with your baby, feed and settle easily.

The transparent and breathable side panels make it super easy for you. It’s not only suitable as bed, but also perfect for travel! The crib folds flat in seconds without the usage of any tools. This makes it so easy to bring the nest with you when you visit family and friends. You can buy yours or rent one via the website. Prices for rent start from 199 euro and a new one starts from 449 euro.

10. Breastfeeding pillow

My friends kept saying that I should invest into a good pillow. So finally I decided to buy one, and I must admit that I’m so happy I did. We can’t sleep or live without it anymore (I found out that even my boyfriend sometimes steals this pillow at night).
The Doomoo pillow is a multi-functional pillow, it’s not only soft and flexible, but it’s also supporting you during feeding and resting. You can also transform this pillow into a secure little nest for your baby. I also choose Doomoo since most of their fabrics are made from ultra soft oeko-tex certified organic cotton. Shop yours
here for 67,99 euro.

11. Baby carrier

You are so used to keep your baby close to you, so when walking outside you might feel more comfortable with a carrier than a stroller. It also keeps your hands free while keeping your child warm and secure. There are so many carriers, but I must admit that Artipoppe was my number 1 choice. Needless to say that you have probably seen all the “celeb” mums walking around with it! They are all incredibly beautiful, eye-catching and comfortable. The quality, the prints and the designs are great! Is it worth the money? I’ve just tested my carrier and it’s super comfortable, so yes!

12. Photoshoot

One of the things that I really wanted to capture is my pregnancy, it’s such a special moment and experience in your life. Your body is changing and there’s a little person growing inside of you. They say that the best period for a pregnancy photo-shoot is in between week 30 and 35. The belly is most beautiful during that period. I decided to connect with photographer Marieke. I really like her style and it fits to our platform Wander-lust. Marieke is super sweet and she make you feel very comfortable from the beginning. I was really proud of my bump, but I was a bit insecure about my legs, but I completely forgot about it when shooting with her. A 45 minute shoot with 15 images is 225 euro.

Another very special moment to capture is your brand-new baby within the first 2 weeks of birth. I might feel overwhelming but doing it at home feels more relaxed. Elke did a shoot at home with Annemiek van Kraay who creates beautiful photographs with a moody theme. 

Elke shot my Annemiek van Kraay

13. Oh my Guts

Another tip that will make your life a little bit easier once the baby is born. The only thing you want to focus on is your newborn, breastfeeding, and your recovery. Make sure you prepare some meals ahead like soup, curry, pasta etc, which you can easily keep in the freezer. If you don’t have the time or you don’t like to cook, then you should consider the maternity box of Oh My Guts. You will receive a healthy week menu, which is perfect for the first week! Their food is not only healthy but also so delicous. Thank me later:).

14. Lillydoo

In the first few weeks, a newborn baby needs between 10 to 12 diapers a day, an expensive cost. Therefore lots of moms check out the best sale options for diapers via this website. But even more important to me is to find a qualitative brand and has the environment in mind. We got introduced to LILLYDOO, a German babycare brand that puts focus on skin-friendly products and is reducing their ecological footprint. LILLYDOO diapers and wipes are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 in product class 1 for babies certified and are free of perfume, parabens and PEG´s.
You don’t have to worry that you will run out of diapers, with the subscription of LILLYDOO you will receive your package at your home! The subscription starts from 54 euro.
The diapers are super soft, comfortable and
very absorbent and also their wipes are my favorites!

15. Selfcare

It’s so important to take good care of yourself when you are pregnant. The first thing that I did is investing in a good body oil that should reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I started with Weleda and I ended my pregnancy with Kenko, which I’m still using. Both are super great, but my preference is the natural oil from Kenko. The scent and the softness of the product is amazing.
I also got myself a personal trainer and I must admit that I didn’t have any complications during my pregnancy. I believe that exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for the health of the baby and of the mother. We focused a lot on my pelvic floor, core and back and I think it really paid off.

16. Sebra Bed

This bed not only looks addorable, it’s also very conscious. It maybe costs way more than a ‘normal’ bed, but it’s a great investment. The Sebra can be used for babys and toddlers. The bed grows with your child, from birth up to the age of seven years. It will stay in your family for years.
When your baby is able to sit or stand, the base of the bed can be lowered, to ensure that your baby does not roll out. You find new ways to use the bed due to the many different combinations this incredible bed offers.
The bed is available at
the Archive store in Amsterdam. The price is 959 euro.

I bought this cute litte bed bumper of Koeka, which protects your baby from hurting him- or herself.

Dear first time moms, enjoy this super special time, slow down, get more into a nestling mode and get your must and nice to have items before welcoming your baby.



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