Nautal » the Airbnb for yachts and sailing boats!

Nowadays you can rent pretty much everything. Cars, houses! If you always wanted to be a sailor or enjoy your holiday from a beautiful yacht or sailing boat, this article is for you!

Big, small, luxurious, romantic, there are so many different boats out there. But owning a boat is not for everyone as it can be very expensive. You need to pay taxes, insurance and have a permit. And we haven’t even talked about the maintenance! Shame for those who really love boats but do not have the time or funding. Good thing that there are great options to rent one. Dutch company Nautal is like the Airbnb for boats and offers more than 17.700 boats from 22 different countries. With 500.000 customers around the world, the company is set to grow even more now that the economy is making a comeback. 

You can even hire a captain!

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream..

How does it work?
It’s super easy; just select your holiday destination and select how long you want to rent a boat for. You will get a range of offers so you can pick the type of boat you are looking for. The prices are shown up per half a day and go up to 4 weeks. You can even opt for a captain if that makes you feel more comfortable. But Nautal is not only there to hire boats from, it also gives you the option to put your own boat up for hire. Great if you have no idea what to do with your pretty yacht during the offseason (goals).

So who’s going to play Pirates of the Caribbean in 2018? Arrrgh!



*We’ve collaborated with Nautal for this article. At Wander-Lust we only work with brands and products that we fully support and believe in. And of course we would only provide you with tips that you could actually use while traveling. X


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