Spring has arrived which means that it is time for seeding and putting those gardening skills to some good use. With more time at home, we’ve listed some ways to pimp your balcony and garden to keep you busy during these challenging times.

Here are eight new garden and balcony trends for 2023 that we think you will love.

Pampas Grass

They have been growing alongside ponds for decades, but the last two years grass plumes (Pampas) have really taken off. They origin from South American and people tend to use them indoor for decoration. But if you want to take it to the next level, you can easily plant them in your garden. They can grow really tall and during the winter you should cut them short. Important note: if you are a dog owner, make sure your dog doesn’t eat the pampas grass as some kinds can be toxic for them. 

Garden and Balcony trends 2020, pampas


Currently, our favourite material to work with. Bamboo is strong, can stand all kinds of weather and has a nice look. You can buy bamboo garden furniture, but you can also plant a bamboo plant in your garden like below. 

garden and balcony trends 2020, bamboo

Tropical Vibes

If we can’t go to the tropics, we bring the tropics to us! Banana plants, ferns, heliconia and orchids are perfect for a semi-warm climate like in Europe. If you live somewhere warmer, you can also try palmtrees and cordylines (they may not survive a cold winter). 

Garden and balcony trends, tropical

Attract those bees & butterflies

As you may have heard, it’s not going well for our little bee friends. Therefore, many garden stores are now selling plants and flowers that attract bees and butterflies. More of those, is better for the planet and for your garden. And to be fair, who doesn’t want a garden full of pretty butterflies?! Flowers that they both love; Lavender, Sunflowers, Echinacea, Wildflowers and Alliums and Chives.

garden trends 2020, Butterflies on flowers

Fake it

Fake plants and flowers are no longer a taboo! They are particular great for a balcony that doesn’t have a lot of sunshine so you can still enjoy a green. If you really want a natural looking plant, we advise you to go for the more expensive ones. In this case it really shows the difference in quality. Another key point is that you only need to buy them once and you’re good to go for many years. Clean them with a damp cloth to make them last longer.

Shady corners

Our summer are getting warmer which for some is good news, but if you have a garden or balcony in the sun, you want to create some shade. Luckily, there are a lot of trendy options to pimp your garden or balcony with. For instance, beachy umbrella’s but also shade cloths that you hook in a triangle are on high demand this season. Bali and beach parasols don’t come cheap, but you will instantly create a holiday vibe in your own garden!

Bali parasol

Lights for long evenings

Dreamy lights make long evenings with beautiful conversations. Adding the right kind of light can really turn your garden or balcony into a bohemian dream. You can buy them solar powered here.

Garden and balcony trends 2020, lights

Enjoy the sun when its out and get your green hands dirty!




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