October 5, 2018 Wander-lust

New in Amsterdam The Plant Bathing Studio

It’s inspired by forest bathing in Japan. From 15 to 20 October 2018 everyone is welcome to relax at the Plant Bathing Studio in Amsterdam to reduce your stress levels. Crazy trend, or does it really work?

Plant bathing Studio

Plants make you feel better
Plants have a positive effect on how we feel. They are the oxygen in our busy lives. And we sometimes forget that. Because of the different properties, plants can do everything for us. Plants with large green leaves, for example, provide a better state of mind, reduce stress and make you more creative. Do you want to boost your concentration? Then take a few air-purifying eye-catchers like the Zamioculcas to your workplace. In short, a good dose of green is healthy for everyone. In the Plant Bathing studio on the Haarlemmerstraat you can experience the effect of plants.


It’s proven that plants reduce your stress hormones and your immune system improves

How does it work?
For just one euro, you can comfortably sit in between some beautiful pants for five minutes. And those five (or a maximum of fifteen) minutes are entirely for yourself. When the door closes, it’s you and the plants. 

So Are you ready to relax at the pop-op Plant Bathing Studio?

Plant Bathing Studio
Haarlemmerstraat 72, Amsterdam



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