New in Town: Miss Moneypenny Amsterdam

New month, new hotspots. This time I’m glad to put a spotlight on new culinary kid in town: cocktail bar Miss Moneypenny. I totally fell in love with their catchy, bit mysterious name which I in a split second associated with – of course – James Bond. Pretty original name for a hotspot, but really smart because it made me so curious what to expect! I felt the need to test it for you foodies, so here’s my experience.

City centre Amsterdam, worth to discover
For me it’s kind a ‘new’ part of our capital city to discover, the Spuistraat. The last couple of years it’s pimped by lots of new hotspots and design hotels. Besides it’s situated in the vibrant city centre where you can spot more tourists than locals, it really has its typical Amsterdam charm. You can’t miss Miss Moneypenny, it immediately caught my eye by their stylish exterior. Upon entry you’ll be surprised by the mystical ambiance, like you’re in a complete other world. Expect a cozy, warm and bit sexy oasis.

Interieur Miss Moneypenny

Miss Moneypenny: Street food 2.0
My expectations where sky high because I knew this food youngster was a creation of the four childhood friends who also made a great success of Venster 33 and Taproom. This time, their concept is shareable international street food. Sharing the dishes with your tablemate(s), in my opinion a great way to taste the most delicious, sometimes even unknown flavours from around the globe in just one evening out, love it! The moment was there to kick-off dinnertime with their lovely ‘Valentine’ cocktail – because it was wonderfully well received – and Dutch imperial oysters. To be honest, normally I’m not such a big fan of this delicacy, but they had me with their sweet apple-dill compote. Brings back memories with my granny who made this often for my family. And many other rounds followed, lost count…From really tasteful steak tartare Korean style, goose rilette rolled in Asian pancakes and Russian blini’s topped with stewed radicchio till crispy tempura of prawns and veggies. All mouth-watering, I’m serious!

Gamba's at Miss Moneypenny
Tempura prawns & Miss MPs’ day special

In love with this dessert @ Miss MP

Oh and the chocolate lava cake, if you don’t order this sweet dessert, you’ll regret it so much. A little side note for vegans and vegetarians: They’ve a vegan falafel and a vegetarian gnocchi dish. Although I’m sure the enormously kind, pure staff – hospitality is in their blood – will do their best to make it a food party for you too, keep this in mind.

Cocktail time, yes please!
And what about the drinks? Lots of signature (non)alcoholic cocktails and tantalizing classics, in case you want to play it safe. Like they say: ‘All the cocktails are so refined in their own way, it’s actually a crime to taste only one…’ Yeah, like the way they think! My fave was the rum old fashioned: atlantico rum, choco bitters, angostura, sugar syrup and orange zest.

No doubt, this brand new cocktail bar with delicious shareable street food and constantly changing menu deserves a top 3 ranking on your food bucketlist. Even as a perfectionist I haven’t critical comments, just thumbs up. Can’t wait for your fourth culi spot guys!

Shake it baby, it’s cocktail time!


Miss Moneypenny
Spuistraat 223, Amsterdam
Tel: 020-7706334

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