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After hours on end at home, we can imagine that you have turned Netflix inside-out. Thankfully, new series, movies and classics are coming up this April!

Here are our 8 favourite Netflix Tips for April!

Netflix Series Tips

La casa de papel – season 4

Luckily, La casa de papel is here to safe us from boredom! The highly anticipated 4th season is finally coming to Netflix on the 3rd of April. The Professor thinks Lissabon has been executed, Rio en Tokio have split up and Nairobi is fighting for her life. Yes, season 3 left us with a huge cliff-hanger. vecht voor haar leven. Can’t wait!

Community – All seasons

Kicking off on the 1st of April is Community, a comedy series new on Netflix. The series is about grown-ups that return to school and form a study group. Perhaps it sounds a bit dull, but Community actually ran for five seasons on NBC, between 2009 and 2014.

Outer Banks

This exiting series follows a group of teenagers that live in a fictive city on the East coast in the US.  After a destructive huricane they are left without power and internet (disaster for all teenagers obviously!) In Outer Banks you can see how these youngsters deal with the situation. Available from the 15th of April.

De Twaalf

For the Dutch and Belgium readers, this series is a treat. The Belgium serie De Twaalf is about school principal Frie Palmers, who is accused of murdering her daughter and best friend. During the 10 episodes you’ll see the story unfold between the jury and find out hat happened..

After Life – Season 2

It took a while but Ricky Gervais returns as Tony, de widower that actually hates his life but promised his late wife to make the best of it. It’s realistic, funny as hell and now and then touching. On Netflix from the 24th of April.

Netflix tips for April, popcorn

Netflix Movies

Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood

It seems like this movie was just released due to all the positive attention it has been getting. And let’s not forget about Brat Pits first ever Oscar win as an actor. Bonus: He takes his shirt off in this movie. We rest our case. Once Upon a Time In… Hollywood is available on April 13th.


Time for a classic! Jaws has always been one of the most memorable Hollywood movies that you watched under a blanket as a child. grab the popcorn, this isn’t just any shark movie.

Meet Joe Black

Another movie with Brat Pitt is never a bad thing. This romantic film also features Sir Anthony Hopkins and gets those tears flowing. Go buy some tissues (but don’t hoard please).

Need other tips how to get though April? Try these vegetarian recipes or join a virtual After Work Drink!



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