New Years Resolutions | Healthier Living

New Year’s resolutions | a healthier living

The new year almost always starts with resolutions: Lose weight, travel more, read a book, more me-time, starting with ice baths… etc. The most common resolution is a healthier living. We have 7 tips that will help you to achieve your health goals.

Set resolutions around this time of the year is always more popular. We all do it, however most resolutions fail, so therefore we focus on one resolution only: a healthier living. If there’s anything that we’ve learned in 2021, it’s not to take our lives and health for granted. Next to that, we have been eating a lot during Christmas and New Year and we may have overdone it, and therefore a break from our unhealthy habits is needed. 

Are you in need of a reboot this New Year?

Personally, I would like to get rid of my cravings. Since my pregnancy I eat a lot of chocolate and other unhealthy things, and I just can’t stop. My life has changed since the baby, and the last thing I need is major restrictions. So the below tips should be easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. 

Eat healthy

Don’t give in to your cravings, try to eat as healthy as much as you can. Cut down on pasta’s, rice and bread, but do not stop eating! Eat small amounts 6 times daily instead of 3 nog meals a day. Breakfast is key here. In for something sweet, eat pure chocolate (not too much and not on a daily base like I do). Check out some healthy recipes here.

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cleanse your body


I’ve tried a juice cleanse of Juice Brothers before. For me it’s a great way to restart my healthy lifestyle after a period of unhealthy eating. You say goodby to alcohol, sugar and processed foods for at least a few days. It’s not that easy, specially when you normally find it very difficult not to eat for several hour already. You may experience some headaches and dizziness, so make sure to prepare yourself. 

Before you start with your cleanse it is very important to prepare your body at least two weeks prior to your detox. The most important thing is to eliminate foods and drinks like alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Eat whole foods and make sure not to eat heavy stuff but light food instead and drink a lot of water!

Move your body

Go to the gym or try a workout at home. Lately I’m a big fan of reformer. I train at studio 9 in Amsterdam Oost. It’s heavy at the beginning but so effective! You will feel soooo good afterwards! If you haven’t experienced Pilates on the Reformer yet and you like Pilates, then you should try it out for sure! You train your upper and lower body at the same time and you will feel every muscle of your body during each Pilates Reformer workout! Try to find a workout that suits you. It’s important that you like what you are doing or else you won’t be going at the end. Build it up slowly. Don’t kill yourself for 2 weeks because your body needs some time to get into the flow.

Stay active

Stay active during the day! Walk or take the bike when you go somewhere. Try to walk a 1000 steps a day. Even when you work from home you can do something. Like walking around when you have a conference call or do some squads during the day. Avoid elevators, always take the stairs!

Take more me-time

It always helps if you give yourself a relax moment. Book a massage or facial treatment and you feel reborn afterwards. Check out the best beauty salons of Amsterdam here.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is key. You will feel much better after a good night of sleep. Without enough sleep, the brain will function less. Sleep can improve your concentration and productivity, and you will be less grumpy:).
Tip! Try to avoid watching television or checking your phone at night, read a book instead. 

Be nice to yourself

Instead of focusing on what you haven’t accomplished yet, you can also accept that not everything will always go the way you want them to. Whether you have failed to eat healthy, make it to the gym, spent to much time on our phone, you don’t want to be to hard on yourself. Take it step by step!

Read a book

Avoid television or checking your phone in bed, try to read a book instead. Reading a book helps you to reduce stress, it exercise the brain and it helps the creativity. 

Good luck and stay healthy!



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    Posted at 12:13h, 17 May Reply

    Make sure you have good walking maps of each city – as well as transit maps – and have studied them in advance. Locate your hotel and the major sights.

    Learn the basic polite phrases in each language. Most people in tourist area will understand at least some English – but you will be much more comfortable if you can at least say good morning, good bye, please and thank you. Do you speak English is also very useful.

    Understand that europeans in general are more reserved than americans. (To many of them we appear loud and foolish – with constant grinning and have a great day.) It’s not that they are unfriendly – they are perfectly polite – but do not expect everyone else to be their new best friend immediately. So say good morning or afternoon on entering a store or restaurant. And wait for a store clerk to help you – don;t just start pulling out the merchandise – even in a street stall.

    And finally, realize that things will go wrong. Some things always do – but there are very rarely serious. Just be flexible and learn to roll with the punches.

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