Night Train to Prague

On the Night Train to Prague

Traveling by train is ideal to dream away while looking at places that pass by your window such as beautiful villages and sprawling landscapes. You can bring your own food, drinks and of course some games to secure a fun train ride with your fellow travellers. Guest editor Iris booked the night train to Prague to experience a more sustainable way of traveling.

The demand for sustainable traveling is growing more and more and that’s why GreenCityTrip launched their night train on October 15th 2021. This new train with 700 beds, runs from the Netherlands to various European cities such as Prague, Vienna, Venice, Innsbruck and Verona. They offer 5-day city trips including train and hotel from €199 per person.

A journey with the night train emits 93 percent less CO2 than a plane trip

The Route from the Netherlands

Our Journey to Prague started in Breda (at 6PM) where the train departs from. Next stops are Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and lastly Arnhem before heading straight to Prague. Therefore there is always a departure station reasonably close to where you live in the Netherland. The ride itself was cozy and had a nostalgic feel to it. Some people took an evening walk through the different wagons to have a chat with fellow travellers. This resulted in fun, unexpected encounters where people got together in their coupe’s, shared a drink and played games. 

Seats night train to Prague

Sleeping on the train

Around midnight we started to prepare our beds for the night and try to get some sleep for a few hours. I had to toss and turn a few times but I quickly fell asleep once I found my position. Don’t expect a super comfortable bed (and some noise and wobbling at night), however I still got a steady 7 hours of sleep. When we woke up and opened the curtains, we were only a couple of miles away of Prague! You can easily order some coffee and snacks from the train steward and enjoy the view until you arrived at the beautiful capital of Czech.

Night Train Prague

Wanna know what you can do in Prague? Check out our Prague City Guide for all our inside tips! 

All in all, I had a good first experience with the night train as I enjoyed having the ability to move around the wagons, socialise with others during the ride, having awesome views, and traversing great distances while you are sleeping. Honestly, it felt like a little mini adventure where you meet people on the way, get together and share story’s. It’s also a fun venture for friend groups because how nice is it to chill and spend the night together in a wagon? Fun times guaranteed!

wander-Lust in Prague

Prague city

TIP: We had a very pleasant stay in the NYX Hotel located right in the city centre of Prague.

Handy things to bring on the night train to Prague

– A power outlet splitter to charge your devices in the train
– Enough water (also for when you wake up in the morning)
– Snacks for in the evening
– Breakfast (we brought some sandwiches and muesli bars)
– Download your favourite Netflix movie or series on your phone
– Game(s) such as playing cards

The Advantages of traveling by train at night

– It’s a more sustainable way to travel
– You arrive in the heart of the city centre
– You can bring as much luggage as you want
– Always a departure location nearby
– No early check-in times, you have to be present only 15 minutes before departure time
– Free movement in the train, you can even go for a walk
– You don’t need a transfer from the airport to the city
– Very family-friendly way of traveling

On a whole, it’s a cozy, adventurous and also environmentally friendly way to travel to beautiful Prague! Sounds
pretty good right?

Would you like to plan a trip with the night train? Tickets are also available from 38 euro (one way) via NS International.



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