We recently enjoyed a trip across the world, but this time not by travelling by plane, boat or vehicle. No, this time we let our tastebuds do the work. We tried & tested Nomad aan het IJ, a restaurant in Amsterdam that offers flavors from all over the world.

Elke Salverda at Nomad aan het IJ

Nomad aan het IJ

Hence the name, Nomad aan het IJ is a restaurant that let’s you travel across the world, and is located next to the waters of Amsterdam. Overlooking the Adam Tower with big windows – it sounds very inviting nonetheless. having said that, this restaurant is also hidden. Good for us, but we can imagine that you may have missed this gem, so we’re here to tell you all about it!

The Menu

Nomad aan het IJ describe themselves as a fine dining experience, so we had high expectations. Looking over at the tables next to us, we noticed the many colours on the plates, and guests really seemed to enjoy it. Our friendly waiter explained to us that at Nomad, you generally order a five-course surprise menu (for €69,50 p.p), and if you want you can play a little guessing game. Each course has been inspired by a different destination, and the guess is yours. How many can you guess right? 

Haring in batter - Nomad aan het IJ
This was delicious!

Staring with a cold amuze, we were ready to taste and guess our first course. With as battered colourful haring on our plate, this could only mean one thing; The Netherlands! One point for me. The courses that followed were all delicious, my date agreed. All flavors were on point, we enjoyed every course, although the dessert could have been skipped due to the amount we already ate. Wine pairing is also possible but we opted for some delish prosecco and mocktails.  

Main course - Nomad aan het IJ Amsterdam

The Vibe

It’s an internation vibe for sure! Staff members come from all walks of life, Chef Denisa, a talented culinary artist has roots from Slovakia, and our waiters came from Italy and Morocco. Sometimes it’s a little confusing whether they work there, or just walked in. That probably has to do with the fact that they don’t wear the same attire, but the clothes they feel most comfortable in. Don’t be surprised if staff members come to your table for a little chat, the point at Nomad aan ‘t IJ is that everything is low-key and relaxed, but the food has high standards. 

Nomad aan het IJ view

Our verdict

We don’t like to to give grades, but this was definitely a 8/10. Mostly for the food though and experience. We do believe they can make the interior a little more on fleek, and it would really make a difference if staff members would wear the same shirt/outfit, making it a little more complete. Overall, we loved this restaurant, and we surely can advise you to go and ask for a window seat. Enjoy this culinairy trip across the world!

Nomad aan het IJ
IJdok 87, Amsterdam

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