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When we first heard of the Dutch suitcase brand Nortvi, we thought; yet another suitcase brand? Little did we know about their story and why we think they may change the market when it comes to sustainable travel combined with style.

About Nortvi

In a world where sustainability is ever so important, Amsterdam-based Nortvi is taking its products and sustainable travel seriously. It’s important a suitcase is durable and doesn’t break after a few flights (believe us, this has happened to us a few times).

Nortvi suitcase white

We believe in a new reality where sustainable and durable travel luggage that respects the environment is the new norm.

But let’s be honest, travelling in style has also become an important factor nowadays and people are willing to pay for it. Especially when durable materials and style come together. Nortvi has found this formula and together with a beautiful marketing campaign, they are ready to take over the suitcase market.

A plastic free world

One thing we love is that Nortvi has partnered up with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Furthermore, with every purchased product they want to pursue a plastic free world. With these donations Nortvi supports areas such as the Coral Triangle in Asia where they enable Flying Vets to rescue sea animals effected by plastic in the oceans. Did you know that all suitcases inner lining made from 100% recycled PET bottles? Additionally the suitcase shell is made of extremely strong and eco-friendly polycarbonate.

Nortvi suitcase

Our review

This suitcase is perfect for business travellers or digital nomads. Nortvi has a special designed water-resistant front pocket for your laptop and travel accessories. Much needed, because we always bring our laptop when we go on press trips and it’s essential that it’s protected. We picked the sand coloured carry-on suitcase but if you are scared it will get dirty easily, they have more colours to choose from like Midnight Black, Ocean Blue and Rainforest Green. If you want to can add a strap with various colour options for extra safety. 

Nortvi suitcase

Nortvi suitcase black

Get ready for future and sustainable travel and visit their website for all the options and colours!



*We’ve collaborated with Nortvi for this article. Please note that we always pick our collabs carefully with brands we believe in that fit our community. 

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