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3x Off the Beaten Track Destinations that didn’t make our book

When we got a chance to write and publish a new book, we had so many amazing places we wanted to share with you. Unfortunately, we only got 208 pages to fill. 

This meant we needed to scrap a few destinations. Until now. Here are three Off the Beaten Track tips that didn’t make it into our book but still deserve the attention.

The Curonian Spit, Lithuania

On the west coast of Lithuania is a special piece of land, or should we say; a gigantic sand dune created by the waves of the sea. You could compare it to one of our Dutch Wadden Islands, but more pristine. It separates the tranquil Curonian Lagoon from the rough Baltic Sea and runs 98 Kilometers through Lithuania and Russia. To get there, take one of the ferries from Klaipëda. There are buses on the island that you can use to drive around. On the Curonian Spit there are a few fishing villages, of which Nida is the cutest with its coloured wooden houses. There are a few small shops but there is not much yet, so bring a picnic basket and enjoy the rust on the white dunes.

Curonian Spit, Litouwen

The Canola Flower Fields in Yunnan China

China is so big that you will undoubtedly encounter many untouched places here. But a place that is very special during the Spring months is Luoping in the province of Yunnan. In March, the yellow Canola flower fields really are the place to be. In China they even dedicate a festival to it, but for most Westerners this area is unknown territory. If you ever visit this area, make sure to come in March and bring your camera!

The Canola Flower Fields in Yunnan China

The road between Lake Savan and Alaverdi, Armenia

Sometimes it happens, then you drive past something and then you suddenly see it. A phenomenal landscape, at just the right time. The place has no clear name, but you will never forget it. Maybe one of your best Off the Beaten Track destinations ever? Such a place exists in Armenia. Between Lake Sevan and the town of Alaverdi, there is a beautiful wild tulip meadow during the spring that you definitely want to stop for. Armenia lies between the countries of Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan and is often overlooked.

Extra: Nagorno – Karabakh

Nestled in the mountains between Armenia and Azerbaijan is Nagorno-Karabakh – also known as the Artsakh Republic. According to most of the world, the Nagorno-Karabakh region is part of Azerbaijan, however, in the 1990s, this formerly Soviet territory was largely inhabited by ethnic Armenians. It is a special piece of land with ruins, bizarre statues and mountains. Always check the travel advice before planning to go here.

Armenia flower field
Flower field Armenia

Curious to the tips that did make it into our book? Order it here!

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