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Go Off the Beaten Track

off the beaten track
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Order our book and discover unique destinations that you may have never heard of!

We like to go off the beaten track

At Wander-Lust we like to go off the beaten track when we visit new destinations. We think there’s more to see than the touristy places you see on social media. We would like to encourage you to go off the beaten track as well and explore a world that’s not discovered quite yet! Besides off the beaten track destinations we share culinary spots, natural treasures and so much more. It doesn’t matter if you are a backpacker, luxury traveler, like to go city-hopping or go exploring on a deserted island, at Wander-Lust you can find it all.

We also launched a book called ‘Off The Beaten Track’ full of destinations that are unique and not on your average travel bucket-list! The book is filled with images made by national and international photographers that will leave you dreaming and make you want to visit the place as well. It also includes tips from travel journalists. So, would you like to go off the beaten track? Let’s discover together!