Op Oost Texel, Netherlands


The ultimate hideaway in Texel in the middle of nature. Located in a small village near the Wadden sea, you will find this Op Oost, a charming and authentic farmhouse with glasshouse restaurant.

Have you ever heard of Oosterend? Put this beautiful spot on your list, because it will lead you to one of my favorite places in the Netherlands: Op Oost.

Op Oost Texel set in nature

This charming farmhouse is set in nature and is surrounded by chickens, ducks and peacocks. Owners Valerie and Joram know very well what they are doing. They share passion for food, nature, wine, architecture and so much more. When they decided to buy and renovate the place, they wanted to offer the perfect hideaway and give people a unique experience in the most convenient and flexible way.

It’s the place you would like to come back to! So I did, round 2.

Op Oost Garden

A great night of sleep

The rooms are beautiful and spacious. Everything is carefully selected and designed to maximise your comfort. They achieved a design that is for sure loved by everyone. Earthy and neutral tones in the rooms complements its environment.

Bedroom Op Oost

With so many great details, like their homemade lavender soap and the beds of Cocomat to ensure a good night of sleep. Book your stay here.

Op Oost Texel bedroom

This place is the absolute perfect romantic and culinary getaway

Another great part, they have panoramic views over the dike which you will bever get bored of.

Op Oost panoramic view

Kook Atelier at Op Oost

Part of ‘Op Oost’ is Kook Atelier, a culinary feast! You don’t need to leave the property since dinner is served in their beautiful styled little green glass house. Chef Joram Timmerman knows how to cook. Nature is served on a plate, where nature decides what will be served. They cook with all home-grown herbs and fruits from their own garden and with products from local suppliers. 

Kook Atelier Op Oost

Kook Aterlier Op Oost oysters

The food is super fresh, qualitative, tasteful, beautifully presented and extraordinary good!

Kook Atelier Op Oost

Get surprised by the chefs for 99 euro and eat star worthy!

Kook Aterlier Op Oost

Breakfast with a view

The mornings at Op Oost are silent and calm, exactly how we like it. Their garden is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast. Breakfast comes in a cute picnic basket with fresh food.

Op oost picnic breakfast


Search for oysters

Or you an oyster love like myself? East was the beating heart of the oyster on Texel, so it won’t be difficult to find some at the dike just 3 minutes away from Oost. The best time to find oysters is when there’s an ‘R’ in the month. Pick your own up to 10 kilos!


Visit some villages

First things first; Rent a bicycle. We did this here. Discover the middle & upper part of the island and some of its villages. The scenery is spectacular. Along the way you will find dunes, beaches, plants, animals and so much more beauty. Birds and sheep are everywhere here. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars (from your room) and spot some bird species along the way. Now and then you will find signs by the road, where you can purchase foods at farms like zucchini, eggs, jam and milk.

Texel village
Stop for fish in Cocksdorp at Viscentrum Van Beek, before heading to the beach.

The island of Texel is a paradise for beach lovers, with its 30 km long sandy beach, there are a lot of different beaches to choose from. We choose to relax at the beach neat Strandpaviljoen paal 12. After about 2 hours (totally exhausted… consider an e-bike!) we finally arrived here. A super nice spot where you relax, have some drinks and food.

Strand Pavijoen 12, Texel

The beaches are not that crowded. I visited Op Oost twice during high season and it was not super crowded!

Beach Texel



Visit the small city harbour Oudeschild and have lunch at Pakhuus. The best place to eat fish and sea food without a question. Whilst eating you can enjoy the great view of the harbour.


Restaurant Oudeland Texel is located in the center in De Koog. A very unique wine bar with great food!

Restaurant Oudeland Texel

Stay at least a couple of days on the Island. It has so much to offer and to discover.

Op Oost Texel
Oost 76, Oosterend




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