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We are so happy that Amsterdam is back on organising events, and there is one that we really want to share with you! On Thursday September 30, the 1st edition of the Open Hotel Day will take place in Amsterdam. 40 hotels, spread throughout Amsterdam, welcome businesses and residents from the “hood” get to know the hotel better.

Dozens of luxury hotels located in Amsterdam open their doors and offer special and (often) free activities! It’s the first ever edition of Open Hotel Day and we want to tell you all about it.

Open Hotel Dag

Some examples of free activities on Open Hotel Day are:

– 5 star breakfast in the monumental library of Sofitel Legend The Grand
– Photoshoot at Monet Garden hotel with the chance to win a free night
– Cocktail workshop at Park Plaza Victoria
– Use of pool and spa at Pestana Amsterdam Riverside
– Kids Treasure Hunt at Pulitzer Amsterdam
– Art exhibition by Ankle Art Studio at The Hoxton
– Running along the Amsterdam canals with the hotel manager of Pulitzer Amsterdam
– Cooking masterclass with Leonardo Royal
– Use of wellness at Leonardo Royal
– Guided tour of the Waldorf Astoria
– Use of the brand new fitness of Moxy Houthavens
– Use of the fitness in the Hard Rock Amsterdam American
– Coworking in almost all hotels
– Closing Party at The Hoxton (yes please!)

From 7 am to midnight there is a full program with over 100 different activities! The full program can be seen at In essence, hotels are able to show that they are not just here not only fulfil the needs of tourists, but can also fulfill an important connecting and social role for residents and businesses in the neighbourhood.

INK Hotel Amsterdam
We’ve always been a fan of staycations in Amsterdam

Royal Horeca Netherlands

So who is making all of this possible ?The Open Hotel Day is supported by the Amsterdam department of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, because it fits in perfectly with the current zeitgeist in which hotels are looking for connection with the neighbourhood. Nico Evers, general manager of the participating hotel Jakarta and board member of the Amsterdam department of the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, says: “I have experienced how important local residents are to my hotel. In the beginning there was a lot of resistance to the arrival of hotel Jakarta, but eventually residents have discovered that it is a nice meeting place and the area has become much safer. Many residents now come daily to our bakery to buy bread and discover that they can work, swim, play sports or come and have a snack and drink with us”.

We are looking forward to this one!


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