Oud en Opnieuw

Oud & Opnieuw is going International!

If you watched a few Instagram stories today, you cannot have missed it. The party of the year: Oud & Opnieuw. Haven’t heard of it? Here’s a little introduction;

It’s better than New Years Eve

How it all started
Oud & Opnieuw is a initiative from Buutvrij for Life, a creative agency based in Amsterdam. They started the idea 10 years ago and I was lucky to be a part of it from the early years on. It started out as a party for friends and their friends. One big family. Well, the family grew bigger and bigger, and 10 years later, Oud & Opnieuw has become THE party of the year and fills up the entire Paradiso.

3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!
The formula works like this; Doors open at 8pm and from then on, the clock will count down each hour, giving you the ultimate Happy New Year experience complete with poppin’ champagne bottles, “oliebollen” and smoking machine’s. The best DJ’s play, and champagne (or Martini prosecco in this case) is in overload. You want to be there basically. That said, getting a ticket isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

© Marty Marn Photography

Oud en Opnieuw
© Marty Marn Photography

Tickets are as rare as an unicorn
There are only 2 ways to get a ticket. 1. You are invited by an Oud & Opnieuw Ambassador. 2. You get a code from one of the lucky invitees (who will be your best friend for the next year). Use the code wisely because it is only valid for 24 hours before it’s passed on. Upon entrance you will get a plastic champagne glass attached to a ribbon, that you can hang around your neck. Refills all night!

Don’t waste the champagne! © mazho.com / MAZHO Photography

Oud en Opnieuw last night in Paradiso

It will be the first step in Oud & Opnieuw going global, celebrating NYE several times on one night, in different city’s all over the world

Going International
If you missed last night and you can’t wait for next year, you might be in luck if you live, or visit Barcelona this month. Oud & Opnieuw is going to be celebrated there on the 19th of December. A girl named Laurha, who is currently living in Barcelona, emailed Buutvrij for Life a few months ago and told them; Hi, you don’t know me, but I love your party, and I would love to organize this in Barcelona. They said yes, and so here we are, Oud & Opnieuw is going international. It will be the first step in Oud & Opnieuw going global, celebrating NYE several times on one night, in different city’s all over the world”. Co-founder Reuben says; “The plan is to find more Laurha’s, and empower them in their own way. They can start small like we used to be. A unique party from friends for friends”.

The Barcelona party is going to be:
Date: 19th of December
Time: from 8pm till 4am
Locations: To be announced later in the week..
8 x FREE BUBBLES/PROSECCO OF MARTINI + 8 x CONFETTI + 8 X CHURROS OR OLIEBOLLEN + 8 X GRAPES & 8 TIMES A COUNTDOWN AS IF IT’S NYE – ON REPEAT. Because the event is only meant for FRIENDS AND FRIENDS OF FRIENDS, they don’t have a ticket link online. Only our ambassadors have tickets.

For more info about this once in a lifetime party; check the Facebook Event or stalk Laurha 😉

Good luck!


Header photo by © mazho.com / MAZHO Photography

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