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If you are looking for a holiday in Greece where you can mix a little when it comes to tourist spots and going off the beaten track, we have the perfect Greek destination for you: Parga Greece

Corendon flew me over to Preveza in Greece where we enjoyed a perfect family stays in Parga, a picturesque Greek village by the sea. In this article, we are going to tell you exactly where to go and what not to miss. We will show you the best travel guide of Parga in Greece of 2023.

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Getting there

Now, write this down, because this is one of the best Greek destinations to fly to and this is why: The airport of Preveza is located on the mainland but also connects by bridge to Lefkas, a must-visit Greek island in the Ionian sea. From there you can easily hop to its neighboring islands Kefalonia or Zakynthos. But you can also drive along the coast and visit one of the many villages along the way, with Parga as a great starting point. MUST DO: Rent a car with airco. It’s a lot safer and sufficient than a scooter (the roads in Greece are not the best). We rented our car at EUROWHEELS which you can easily arrange via Corendon. You can pick up and deliver your car at the airport or hotel, up to you!


To start off with, you must know that Parga isn’t off the beaten track. It’s quite a popular place for tourists as it has many hotels, restaurants, and a cute city centre. But what makes Parga so special is that the options here are endless and perfect for couples, friends, or even families. This destination is located perfectly by the sea but on the mainland and across from Corfu. Discover traditional Greek villages, and secluded beaches and enjoy a carefree holiday in Parga.

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Where to stay in Parga

From the many resorts and hotels, we highly recommend the Parga Beach Resort in Greece. This family-friendly hotel is located right at the beachfront and has 4 pools!  This resort doesn’t feel like your average hotel though. It has different apartments and bungalow-style rooms so it feels more like a village with various styles. We stayed in the Horizon Suite with a sea view that included a small kitchen, perfect for a family of four. Looking for something extraordinary? Take a look at the perfect bliss room with a private pool, wow!

where to stay in parga

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Don’t worry if you don’t have kids, there is an adults-only pool and for breakfast, you can eat peacefully in Alselea, the restaurant that also offers a high-end a la cart menu. But if you fancy something more low-key, Beach bar Ammos is open all day for barista-style coffees, healthy salads, classy burgers, or snacks that you can order from your beach chair. TIP for coffee lovers: order a Freddo Cappuccino, yes thank me later.

armos beach bar parga

beach parga beach resort

The view from the restaurant Alselea

best coffee Freddo cappuccino
Freddo Cappuccino must try for coffee lovers!

For kids

At the Parga Beach Resort, you are sure that kids are having the best time. Surely, the beach and pools will keep them occupied for hours on end, but the resort also has a playground and playroom. Besides that, there are daily activities you can sign up for. 


We understand you don’t want to eat or stay in your hotel every night, so we have a few tips in and around Parga for you.

Try the real Greek Taverna’s!

In Parga town, you can find many restaurants, but we prefer looking for the less touristic spots. If you drive around Parga you will find several nearby villages that offer some real authentic tavernas. We stopped in Anthousa for lunch and it seemed we were the only “tourists”, the food was amazing (try the calamari!) and the view was priceless. In Perdika will find a small centre with many amazing restaurants and in Sivota (about 45 minutes away) you can eat by the harbour.

greek taverna travel guide
Restaurant Anthousa (the best view!)

Valtos Beach (restaurant)

People watching and high-class lunch for good prices, this is what we thought of this Bali-style restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the interior, the food is Greek with a modern twist. 

valtos beach parga
Lunch at Valtos Beach

Tango Club

If you bring teenagers or you love the sound of tech-house on a sunny afternoon, take a look at Club Tango, just around the corner from the Parga Beach Resort Greece. They serve simple food like club sandwiches, the service isn’t great but they have a large pool and the cocktails are affordable.

club tango parga greece

Acheron River, Gliki

Driving from Parga, you must have a stopover at the Acheron River in Gliki. The springs of River Acheron are surrounded by wild rocks, waterfalls, and lots of greenery. You can hike or water raft up and down but the most fun way is to walk, climb and swim through the river. I’ve done this wild water hike about eight times but it never gets boring. Beware, the water is VERY cold at first but after a while, you get used to it and your skin feels incredibly soft afterward! Some parts are so deep that you need to swim so make sure you have a waterproof camera if you want to take some good shots!

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BEACHES NOT TO MISS in Parga – Greece

If you have been to Greece before, you may know that the beach (Paralia in Greek) options are endless. But let’s break it down for ya. Here are five beaches in Greece around Parga that you should DEFINITELY put on your wish list.

Valtos beach is located across from the Parga Beach resort. It is one of the larger beaches with many (yes loads) of beach clubs and restaurants. Also, you can go crazy on various water sports like parasailing or waterskiing.

Valtos beach
Sunbeds in front of the Parga Beach Resort

Agios Beach

This small stone beach is a little gem and has good parking spots. No showers, but who cares if you have crystal clear water right?

Krioneri beach has a very cute village going by the same name and a few tavernas. You can hire sunbeds although they look a bit old. 

krioneri beach greece
Krioneri Beach

tavernas krioneri beach
You can find a few nice tavernas next to the beach

Alonaki is our favourite beach in Greece near Parga when it comes to its scenery. During high season it can get busy, but when you come in September or afterward, it’s heaven on earth. Just take a look at these photos! There is a small café where you can order coffee and simple beach food and if you order something they will give you a free umbrella!

beach greece alonaki

Karavostatie beach is located in Perdika and has a special place in my heart. I’ve been coming here for longer than 35 years and I’ve seen it change over the years. Right now you can find several low-key beach bars and a brand new luxury hotel, but the stunning nature and sea have never changed. Bonus: it’s the perfect beach for hot summer days because there is always a breeze! No need to bring your own umbrella, sunsets are only 5 euros per day!

parga beach greece travel guide

Extra; as a frequent traveller to Greece, I know it always helps to know a few Greek words that may come in handy.

  • Efgaristo = Thank You
  • Parakalo = Please
  • Kalimera = Good Morning
  • Kalinigta = Good Night
  • Tikanis = How are you?
  • 1 Bottle of water = Ena Boukali Nero (trust me, you need this during summer)
  • 1 beer please = Mia Biera Parakalo (also very important)
  • Poselène? = What’s your name (for the single ones out there)
  • Jamas! = Cheers/Proost!

Do you want to book the same trip we did? Check Corendon/Parga for prices and availability!



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